Please Listen To the Options…..

Today was just another reminder, of the lack of personal contact when calling businesses almost of any kind. I was calling to find out why I had not received something I should have by now. It’s something that I need to mail to the U.S. in time for Christmas.

I looked up the company on their website and found the customer service number, which I called. I was given several options to press, but as none of the first several given applied I chose the final one; “to speak to an agent press 0 or hold the line for the next available agent… the approximate time to wait is 1 minute.” I waited, 1, 2, 3 minutes with no sound or voice to say that my call would be answered shortly etc etc….  I finally decided perhaps my call was disconnected in error, and so I decided to hang up and call back again, only the same thing happened again. This time I thought maybe they are busier than they thought, and so I held for 4 minutes. No luck! I then decided to call the main number of the company, and again was offered several options, to which speaking to an agent was offered. Unfortunately it took me back to where I had just tried myself. After waiting a couple of minutes I decided to look for another number to try.

I found a number to call labeled ‘If you have a concern please call ************* . I thought “this is the perfect number to call.” After again being offered some options, I was told my call would be answered in 2 minutes, and it was. Before asking for what it was that I wanted, I decided to explain what I had gone through, and suggested that if others called the ‘customer service number’ and experienced what I had, it was perhaps something that should be looked into. I will mention that I did not lose my temper, simply because I had worked many years on the other end of a telephone call related to ‘customer service’ in different places that I worked, and knew it wasn’t the person answering the phone that was responsible for my frustration…. and even so, I don’t like to be rude.

She agreed and said she would forward my feedback to the appropriate person. The reason for my call, I won’t go into as it is another story.

I guess I’m just so weary of every time I make a call, even to doctor’s offices now and am only able to leave a message; even to specialist’s offices. Last Monday I called and got a long revised message from the secretary, saying that she would call back within 3 business days for non-emergency calls and to please not leave more than one message. Today is the third day, and surprise… no call-back.

I guess that messages left are not the same as speaking to a real person, and so are easy to ignore.

Ahhh well, the times they are ‘a changing’……  I guess voice mail is here to stay!

21 thoughts on “Please Listen To the Options…..

  1. I understand completely and agree Diane, I also did customer service but they didn’t have to press a hundred buttons first so they were more reasonable.

    I received an e-mail message years ago that was amusing but like you was expressing the frustration of voice mail but in a surprising way I will leave a link for you.

    Voice Mail –

    Blessings – Anne.


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