Hugs …. The Wonder Drug !!!

I came across this when looking through last years’ Christmas cards received. I don’t know who sent it as it was loose and no name on it, but it was taken from a publication ‘New Directions’… September 1995.

From experience I know all this and more, to be true!

“Have you ever wondered how effective hugs are?” You rarely give a hug that is not appreciated. (note from me: I do know that for some this may be an issue for a special reason if unexpected)

You rarely receive one that does not make your day a little brighter. Can you think of any medication that has such pleasant side effects?

Hugs are food for you. They’re not fattening and the don’t cause cancer or give you cavities. They’re all natural, contain not a single preservative, no artificial sweeteners or other chemical additives. Hugs are cholesterol free and contain one hundred per cent of the recommended daily allowance of hope and happiness. They are completely renewable source of energy and are available without a prescription.

Hugs do not require any special instructions. They don’t need batteries, tune-ups or x-rays. Hugs are non-taxable, fully returnable and energy-efficient. They can be safely used in all kinds of weather, as a matter of fact they work especially well during cold or rainy days. Hugs are particularly effective in treating everyday problems like stress, worry, anger, frustration, sadness or sorrow, and even the occasional nightmare.

The best thing about hugs is that you can use them without special training or prior experience. But a word of caution for those trying one for the first time. Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone who needs it today. Once you realize how good it feels, you will want to do it all over again tomorrow.

Yes… Hugs are extremely addictive!

Note from me: Do you know someone who could maybe use a hug right now…….???

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