A New Beginning ….


My husband and I are so looking forward to this new beginning with our new doctor. It’s been two years of frustration with our previous one.

It’s confirmed today that we in fact have made a good decision to change our primary physician. We felt unsure how we would be looked upon when doing this. I simply explained that there was a communication problem with our previous doctor and that some of our concerns just didn’t seem to be taken seriously.

I didn’t want to give a list of all of the issues, as we felt that wouldn’t be proper to do so, and the new doctor seemed okay with our explanation.

It’s been such a stressful time switching, as in Ontario one needs to ‘de-register’ with the current doctor before looking for a new one, but I’ve gone into that before.

It was encouraging that when I explained currently of having this weakness and dizziness, and that I felt it had to do with some of the medications that I was taking, that the doctor gave me a requisition for some blood tests, and said to stop one of the meds until I see her in a couple of weeks. I was actually taken seriously, and not just told to take some more protein in the morning such as yogurt. That’s what my other doc said. I’ve been feeling like this for almost 6 months now, and was getting near the end of my rope…. so to speak.

When my husband told her about one of the serious issues he was experiencing, and that nothing was being suggested to help, the doctor asked if he would like a second opinion from another specialist, and also sent him for some tests.

I post this just to let those who were wanting to know if and when we finally got a new doctor, as it has been quite a time getting to this point… finally! Thanks for thoughts and prayers


25 thoughts on “A New Beginning ….

  1. Well, I know this stuff way too well. I have changed 4 family doctors in the last 8 years, and I have to admit there’s not that much to chose from. I stopped completely attending the so-called diabetic specialist after he was just totally disregarding any of actual results and me as an individual. I have low and very low blood pressure and I am very slim and always have been, but he thought all diabetics were the same. I’m having a family doctor now whom I have to tell what to test, what screening to go to and what medications to order through the Special access Program since Canada is a bad place for any wound treatment and after my terrible accident that’s an ongoing issue. It’s good to have a medical background and I thankfully do, so, I know about possible side effects, interactions, contraindications and what’s still ok and what isn’t. I hope your new doctor will treat you more as an individual patient and will look at you as a person who is a whole, but not separate head, legs, arms, heart, lungs, etc. Your first visit shows you’re taken seriously and that’s good. I’m in Ontario, too, I never experienced too much trouble changing general practitioners.


    • I don’t know when it began that now a person has to ‘de-register’ through OHIP from one’s old doctor before you can begin with a new one and then finding a ‘good doctor’ that takes new patients… Our previous doctor did not like at all to send for tests or referrals because she felt it cost the government too much money. And so it’s been a real struggle. My husband and I were just talking tonight and saying that our health has really suffered since moving here and having the doctor we did… Thanks for your insight … Diane


  2. It sounds like you are off to a good start with this doctor. i’m so glad. I hope you both get some relief quickly. Sending good thoughts.

    I’m in the process of changing doctors as well, but after one visit, I know I won’t go back. Now my insurance changed and I will again pick new docs. (Fingers crossed.). At least I’m feeling good and healthy in the meantime.


  3. I am so glad for you both. I am afraid that Obamacare is going to give us the same kind of issues! I am not even on it, but had to switch from my new primary last year to a new one! Much better! haven’t found any local neurologists yet though!


  4. it is not easy in Ontario-especially in my neck of the woods to get a new doctor so I am glad you were successful–am keeping my fingers crossed that things will go well–your health is very important and you should be taken seriously
    I am fortunate that I am pleased with my doctor and he takes good care of us–but I switched to him about 30 some years ago because I was unhappy with the doctor I had at the time–one of the best changes I have ever made


  5. It is been a while since I’ve been here because of I been away from blogging for a while.
    anyway, good to be updated about your current situstion. Don’t give up hoping and praying. I will also include you in mine.


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