I Feel Your Pain – Poem

I feel your pain and you’re not alone,

You feel that you have so much to atone

Mistakes you have made, and admitted to

But you don’t quite know, what you should do

You think you’re a failure, you cannot conceive

Of forgiving yourself, or forgiveness receive

You said that you wish you could just fade away

That the feelings you have won’t last another day

You feel so guilty, and can’t even pray

Can’t even think of what you would say

But I tell you that though words might not easily come

That God on His throne will hear, if even just one

Just call out and say, please help me I pray

I need your forgiveness, some peace for today

And hope for tomorrow, that will stay in my heart

Oh God that will never, no never depart.

He’ll hear and He’ll answer and forgive all you ask

There is nothing for God, that is too great a task

So rest easy tonight, and without a doubt know

That God will be with you, wherever you go!






12 thoughts on “I Feel Your Pain – Poem

  1. Beautiful – as I read this I changed the tone (although I do need prayer for my many mistakes), to grief. It was a few difficult days with another holiday season upon us with Tom gone. The children and I comfort each other and we know God is with us, but your poem was as if God was speaking to me…reminding me I am not alone in my grief and in my brokeness. Thank you for such lovely words that came from your heart and although meant for someone close to you – touched me and I am sure countless others.


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