6 thoughts on “We Sometimes Don’t Say What We Want To

  1. It’s completely enough: many people don’t say what they want. I’m actually fairly good with that, I find that Europeans can more easily tell everybody what they really think or whatever opinion they have without being scared that this is inappropriate. With such a background, I don’t personally like when people say not what they want to say, but only say something to please you. This was so misleading me initially when I just relocated to Canada. Well, I’m more realistic about anything, thus, I cannot really tolerate too well honey-filled and very sugary expressions. I just don’t take them too well, because it feels right away when something doesn’t add up. Many things feel fake if one adds too much sweetness to them.


    • I like when people are honest with their feelings.. and normally I always am.. Sometimes rather than saying what I feel might be taken wrong, I just might not feel like I can say anything … Thanks for your thoughts… Diane


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