Philae Has Landed – Really?

CometPhilae has landed, so the news on television and in the papers recount for us. I’m not knowledgeable where they got the name from. I haven’t read an awful lot about it, but I don’t need to in order to voice my thoughts in general.

When I first heard the on the news about it, and that it was a real coup it seems that they were able to do it. To do what? To spend how many millions of dollars in order to learn more about comets. This apparently is highly regarded by scientists, and others who obviously have the resources to spend on studying a comet.

Led by ESA with a consortium of partners including NASA, scientists on the Rosetta comet-chasing mission hope to learn more about the composition of comets and how they interact with the solar wind: high energy particles blasted into space by the sun…. pardon????

As I understand what I have heard, is that this will help us learn the history of the solar system and how it was created, and the ultimate answer to the question “Are we alone?”

Scientists are very educated and important for us, of that there is no disputing. They use their knowledge for the betterment of mankind in researching various medications that are used to save many lives, and in a myriad of other inventions for the betterment of us all.

So why am I left wondering what are the justifications in my mind, and of course this is strictly my personal opinion; for spending millions of dollars in this endeavour, when there are so many needs in the world we occupy, that I feel justify money being spent on, instead of finding out more about a comet. As long as there is war and destruction, diseases without a cure, and hungry people in ‘our world’, I just can’t.

Speaking also as a Christian, I know already how the universe was created. But aside from that do most people whether Christian or not, feel that this is a necessary expenditure?

Maybe I’m in the minority…. maybe people find this an exciting venture and are wholly behind it. You are entitled to your beliefs.

I’m just expressing what I feel…. Diane

Post Script: I guess in my life, especially working for an organization for 13 years trying to help men, women and children throughout the world who struggle each day for survival, if I had a choice on whether to look at the face of a hungry child, and had to choose whether to feed that child, or give money to help further exploration of outer space, the child would win every time. Maybe that’s where I gain my perspective from…..



14 thoughts on “Philae Has Landed – Really?

  1. I agree with you. While I really am interested in space, I am more interested in my world and how to make it better. I wish the billions spent on space exploration, and war, could be diverted to helping people build a viable life. If given the choice between sending my money to the food bank, or NASA; the food bank would win. And has. Our priorities as a people are a bit warped.


    • Sometimes I am left wondering when they talk about the billions of dollars spent on space … how they can justify it.. and then I wonder why I am thinking that. It doesn’t seem to be an issue for the majority of people.. !!! Diane


      • No. Most people think it’s marvelous to learn about space, and I think so too, but we must prioritize our budget! Think of the good we could do if we gave all NASA’s and the military’s funds to take care of issues here, It could be wonderful.

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    • I know why it hit me like it did, and I know the world probably in general is enthralled with what can be done, in outer space, but still I don’t understand why there is not the heart, with the money that they spend.. to consider that child being more important…. My mind is too simplistic I guess….Diane


    • One need only to sit and stare at the night’s sky to be in awe.. I agree. I guess my thoughts as far as the amount of money spent in doing some of the research …. could do so much for those who are in so much need… Again, this is only my view…. Thanks for your comment Kitt… Diane

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  2. Lots to think about. Solar winds of small particles affect us a lot, and if nothing changes could even destroy us. I am afraid to think about all these matters, because it is really scary.


    • I may not understand all there is .. but my thoughts are that there are many things already here on Earth to be concerned about.. before those in outer space… But each person has their own thoughts on the issue… Thanks for yours’ …. Diane


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