When Regrets Become Weapons of Mass Destruction

I thought this was really good, and that it would interest some who read my blog… I don’t often re-blog but wanted to with this post…. Diane

Everyone Has A Story...

Cait and DjToday, the subject of parenting came up at work. Well, that subject comes up a lot, really. We have all sorts of parenting situations represented in our division, from the brand new parents to the parents of adult children with families of their own, and everything in between.

There is always something going on with someone’s children, from the funny things a child may say to the extreme and frightening things a broken child is experiencing. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs any person will ever take on. No other relationship will change so drastically over a relatively short span of time more than that of a mother and daughter, father and son. Nor will any other relationship cause as much reflection on every word spoken or deed done in it. All normal parents will regret their mistakes in some parenting situation or another. We can’t help ourselves.


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