Meet and Greet….

Our meet and greet day is December 3rd …It’s kind of similar to when you start school and you go and meet your new teacher.

After searching online and many reviews of doctors, and phone calls to ask various medical offices whether they are taking new patients, I made a call today and will go and see this new doctor to see whether we are compatible or not as patients and doctor.

The very first visit is to actually see if we can see if ‘she’ will be able to handle accept us and we think she can meet our needs and concerns, that we obviously haven’t had for the past two years with our latest doctor. For instance it will be interesting to see if she actually examines her patients once in awhile.

I can’t believe the process that is entailed and quite frankly while I don’t believe every review on every doctor that is online, when there are 33 very bad comments out of 50 then it’s something we really had to pay attention to. The thing is, that is the doctor that was given as a choice to us, by the healthcare assistance program.

My husband ‘W’, told the lady suggesting this doctor about what we had read, and she said she actually had also, but in the area we were looking she was the only one taking new patients. We understood why after reading the reviews. This was on Friday, and she told us that if we didn’t at least meet the doctor then they couldn’t keep checking for us, and so at the time ‘W’ said that I guess we would meet her. However, on the weekend I kept busy looking because I knew there was no way I would be darkening the doorstep of that doctor.

I never would have thought so many people would leave reviews for doctors online. However, I guess that’s just something that many do these days.

It’s kind of funny because last night before I went to bed, I thought for sure that a certain medical clinic near us was going to be the one that we’d be successful finding a doctor at. I read where they had just taken on a new doctor, and so determined to phone as soon as I got up. Somewhere between going to bed and getting up, things got a  little mixed up. When I woke up I told ‘W’ that this new doctor’s name was Dr. Bols and that he definitely was taking new patients and he did have hospital privileges, and so all I had to do was phone. When I came out to check there was no Dr. Bols at that clinic at all… I guess my mind was working overtime during the night. I really thought I had lost it. The clinic did have a new doctor, but different name, and no hospital privileges and as it turns out they weren’t taking new patients.

So my search went on and I found this clinic further away from us who as it turns out is taking new patients. She hasn’t been a doctor very long, but I thought that if she starts with me, she’ll gain a lot of experience ‘fast’ ! The way I have it figured is, that she’ll have to refer us to specialists etc. and send us for tests, because she won’t know what to do with us! I think it’ll be a real ‘learning curve’ for her… don’t you think? I’ll be furthering her education and medical knowledge…. kind of like a ‘hands on’ professor.

Of course, there is still the ‘meet and greet’ that still has to happen, and if she asks what some of my issues are, she may decide I’m nuts a little too complex for her, and we may be on the search ‘yet again’…..  

19 thoughts on “Meet and Greet….

    • Hi Linda, The doctor that was at first recommended I just could not overlook the abundance of negative comments… so cancelled that app’t. We now have an app’t with a doctor in a group that my neighbour said to check out .. so will meet her on Dec. 2 to see if all works out.
      It’s sad when a doctor maintains an attitude such as causing many to leave her care and search for another … I will send a letter to the doctor we’re de-registering with, and simply say that I feel there were concerns … the most prevalent ‘not taking MY concerns seriously and feeling like if I ask her to do more, she regards me as a hypochondriac… I’ll tell her other concerns ‘if’ she wants me to. If not I’ll just leave it there. BTW.. wouldn’t you know it: I haven’t had cold or flu for months but now when we’re in limbo I get sick and have to go to a walk-in and then emergency dept. I have pneumonia… ‘never fails eh?” Diane


  1. I hope you and the dr like each other and you find the help you so deserve. Your medical program in Canada sounds as screwy as ours here in the states! Good luck, my friend…xo


    • Thanks Deb… It only started the last few years.. this thing about having to ‘register’ and ‘de-register from a doctor’ .. and the fact that so many doctors that are established just close off.. new patients. There certainly don’t seem to be enough doctors… Diane

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  2. … wishing you good luck 🙂 … you know what, the young doctors these days are awesome … I work with them every day 🙂 … and besides, old doctors retire, and then leave you scrambling for a new one … been there done that … almost fell through a serious crack because of that way … Love, cat.


    • Thanks… I think this doctor sounds and looks very kind.. I look at peoples eyes.. I saw a picture of her on a social media account… and there were a few reviews that indicated this also… One thing I did look at was their age. I could tell because of the year they graduated. Diane


  3. It’s very important, hopefully, this works out for you, and your new doctor can understand and treat you well. Best of luck!


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