Forgiveness – I may be able to ‘some day’…..

Actually, I have been able to forgive the ‘someone’ in my life that caused many tears, but this is written with those in mind, who have not yet been able to reach that point. While we are told to forgive, I know for some it does not come easily because of circumstances we ourselves have not had to endure. Our hearts were not broken, our wills not squashed, our very bodies not violated by abuse to the point that we cannot envision forgiving that person. God does indeed say to forgive, and I think He knows that for that person who has been damaged so much, that the timing is His to know when that may be possible, and it will only be possible by His grace. To simply tell someone to  say the words “I forgive you” when it is just words and no feeling behind the words, I don’t think is helpful and I don’t think could count as forgiving.

There are those I’m sure who disagree with me but those are my thoughts.


For the things that have saddened me so…

Or the times that have caused me many tears….

Remembering times that caused distress….

Going over it in my mind,

I don’t understand why it had to be so but…

Vengeance is not what I seek.

Earning love should not be necessary

No, love should be unconditional.

Every day I am healing more,

So today I am letting you know

Someday, I may be able to say… “I forgive you”.


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