Discombobulated.. yep, that’s me!   This past while, actually the exact length of time eludes me, things have just been so unsettled. As soon as one thing settles somewhat, it seems another pops up.

I mentioned our computer problems seem to be a thing of the past. What has been the hardest is finding another doctor. I did ‘de-register’ from our current doctor, but haven’t yet received the confirmation that we need, before going to a new one. This is the process in (Ontario) Canada that we need to go through when we want to start with another family physician. Of course if there was a medical need that we needed a doctor for in the meantime, we can always go to a walk-in or the emergency department of a hospital.

So I’ve been looking up online all the possible doctors in our area, and have been calling some to see if they are taking new patients. I’m of course finding a lot ‘aren’t’. I’ve also been networking in a sense, and asking our sons, and friends to ask their doctor if they will take us on. There have been some I found that are, but when I check reviews or information from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, I find some interesting facts. One new clinic starting out had at least three doctors that had practices in other areas, but checking reviews found that they had dropped their previous patient ‘high and dry’ with no notice, and left them scurrying themselves to find a new doctor. That didn’t sit well with me. If they had that little sense of moral responsibility I don’t think I could trust or respect them, and would wonder if they might do that again.

Another doctor that was taking new patients was actually working in a ‘walk-in’ clinic and so also saw miscellaneous people as well as his own patients. He also I found on checking worked in two other walk-in clinics in other locations, and he didn’t have hospital privileges either which I found out online.. So if for any reason we ended up in the hospital, he wasn’t allowed to treat us, and whatever doctor was working in the hospital would be, and they would have no history of our issues. So that ruled that doctor out.

I emailed the closest hospital and asked them for any names of doctors taking new patients, who have hospital privileges, but haven’t had a reply yet on that.

Because I guess of the stress, my ‘tinnitus’ (previous post done on this… here… ) has flared up in a big way, and so along with feeling unwell and having to wait for a new doctor, the constant ringing in my ear, is wearing me down.

However, in spite of all of this I choose to believe the next post I do will have great news and all will be resolved……

(Now, I just need to work on the letter to be sent to our current Family doctor, to advise her we are leaving…)





19 thoughts on “Discombobulated…..

  1. my prayers are with you – this new health care stuff is horrible. It is supposed to make things better but there is more paperwork, less quality care, and less freedom or the doctors to treat us. It is the same here – my heart goes out to you. You really don’t need this right now. It will all work I am sure but in the mean time it is making it horrible for you….. {hugs}


    • I’m not sure what you mean… ‘procedures’ and ‘releases’… The way it is here is that if the doctors do not qualify for hospital ‘privileges’ then they can’t use the hospital to come in and treat their own patients. In some cases it may be that they don’t do some work in the emergency departments then they don’t get privileges.. or it may have other criteria also… Diane

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      • Here, too, if a doctor does not have hospital privileges, they can’t treat you when you are in the hospital or ER. You are treated by someone with privileges at the hospital, then the paperwork is hopefully sent to your primary physician. To get the doctors to share information, you must sign privacy release forms permitting them to communicate.

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  2. Oh, I have experienced firsthand how difficult it is to find doctors these days.

    I suggest that you try a hospital’s website. The hospitals usually have a list of doctors with privileges in the facility.

    I hope you find a good doctor soon.


  3. I hope this will all sort itself out soon. I know what you mean when you say that one problem goes and another comes up! Seems to work that way for some reason!

    Take care x


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