How Old or How Wise Must I Be?

How old or how wise must I be, before the things of life make sense to me? How long before I stop wondering about the need for men and women to seek excessive power, money and war?

It has been from the beginning of time that this has been going on. You would think at some point we would learn from the past. Does it really fulfill people to do whatever it takes to gain money and fame? It certainly can’t bring them peace of mind or soul. So what does it bring them? Surely happiness does not come at the expense of lives wasted in the process of ill-gotten gains. Surely war does not bring feelings of tranquility or a calmness of the spirit.

Is it as simple and as complicated as good versus evil? Maybe it is just that! When a child is born, it behaves and believes what it sees around it. If the child is born around those that seek war and not peace, they believe that’s the way life is supposed to be. If life is not valued, then as they grow they repeat the folly of their parents and community they are raised in.

I have to say that it does trouble me when I see the news these days. My heart breaks for those forced to leave their homes… men, women and children, and who end up in a camp with tents and whatever food and medicine that can be shared with them.

I know that there is not much I can do, that in any way alleviates these families’ situation. But the day it ceases to touch me, is the day I know that I’ve lost an important part of who I am.

While there’s not much that I personally can do…. I can try to contribute something monetarily and I most certainly can pray…..

So, how old and wise must I be to understand these things? I guess a lot older and a lot more wise, because I cannot understand hate and war at all.



14 thoughts on “How Old or How Wise Must I Be?

  1. Child has to be bestowed with appropriate environment so that that child gets all the care and protection for its all round development. Things stand out that those children which remain in the congenial atmosphere lead a wholesome youth and further and contrarily those who do not have that atmospherics just end up losing any chances of improvement.


  2. I am so glad you addressed what you are seeing on TV, in the newspapers and the internet! It IS all about good versus evil! Of course most people don’t see it that way, but Godly people know the truth. Anything that Satan can tear up, a family, a homestead, a city, a country…a life, he will do. Only Jesus can make the difference.


    • So true Cindy and I don’t know if you saw where you are, but in our capital city of Ottawa Ont. yesterday a radical Islamist killed a soldier on duty by our war memorials and attempted to do more in our Parliament buildings… but was shot dead by the head of security… “evil at work for sure” Diane


  3. I love your writing because it brings me back to what is important. The senseless, endless suffering of others far outweighs anything in my life . Thank you Diane.

    PS–there is nothing “wannabe” about you or your writing–You ARE a writer!


    • Thank you for the very nice comment…. sometimes the realities of life bring me to the point where I realize that if I’m not careful, I will think the world revolves around me.. when there is just so much happening around me… Diane


  4. I liked your post. Obviously it’s not the happiest of posts, but you are right to talk about it because I think we all need to speak about it more, just like with mental health. We can’t let these injustices carry on without at least trying to open the subject matter like you have done.

    I am personally in one of these very sensitive places in the world and I want peace. I try to do all I can to be kind and polite to so-called ‘enemies’. Whether I get back something nasty in return, or no reaction or a nice reaction, I think it’s important for me to do. If I ever have kids, please God I will teach them the same thing.

    Thanks for the post Diane x


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