The Daily Post – A Comfort Food

Prompt: Tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

This is a suggested topic from Writing 101 for which I didn’t sign up as there is just no way that I could possible write every day at this time. I hope though they don’t mind if I write on the subject.

There are a few treats or meals that I do recall, like Sunday dinners with roast beef and vegetables with a lot of my older siblings present. (I am the last of 10 so many were married by the time I arrived.) However the food, not really a meal that brought me comfort was toast and tea.

I was sick a lot when I was young as I had asthma, and also Scarlet Fever. When I was sick my mother would bring me toast cut in four little pieces like little fingers, and she would also let me have weak tea with milk and sugar. To this day when I am sick, I sometimes will cut my toast like that.

I guess though I cannot just talk about the ‘tea and toast’, without talking about the comfort my mother gave. She would spend so much time trying to make me feel better. Back then ‘in the ancient of days’, there were no steroid puffers for asthma. Instead she would turn the taps and the shower on the hottest that she could, and steam the bathroom and then take me there and hold me while the steam helped my breathing. She would then usually, if I was still not able to lie down, put me on her knee and sit up as far into the night as she had to, until I started to breathe easier.

When I read about a comfort food, it is so strange how the memory came immediately about a simple thing like ‘tea and toast’ cut into little pieces to make a little girl feel better. Actually, right now as I think about it I am remembering my Mom… and it has brought just a few tears….


12 thoughts on “The Daily Post – A Comfort Food

  1. Beautiful memories. I, too, am an asthmatic and used to frequently get strep throat which once led to scarlett fever. When sick with scarlett fever, I experienced delirium and my memories of it are entwined with my memories of the boy’s toys being burned in the “Velveteen Rabbit” and Beth dying in “Little Women.” So, aside from my visit to the emergency room, which I remember vividly, and sleeping in my parent’s bed instead of the room I shared with my sister, I am not sure what memory is mine and which comes from my childhood reading.


    • My childhood memories are few and far between…but significant ones remain. Yours’ must be very confusing with the delirium.. I do remember with Scarlet Fever being very ill and my mother had to take great precautions because of me being very contagious… No one else could come in .. Diane

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      • Actually, I kind of like the fact that my delirium caused me to confuse my memories with literary memories. Those literary memories are pretty cool. Velveteen Rabbit and Little Women are both masterpieces in my mind.


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