30 Days and Counting

In one month I will be able to say good-bye to the saga of the hacked and unwanted email account!

After an excess of 50 email communications with Microsoft since the account was hacked, and letters with copies of letters sent by hacker, to MS U.S. and Canadian Head Offices I have finally been ‘acclaimed’ the owner of said Hotmail account that is not even in use anymore.

While it’s not been used actively by me, it has still received emails and since it was on my IPhone also, it still was a nuisance and I wanted only to delete and get rid of it once and for all. However, it was very difficult as I could not prove it was mine using the criteria determined by MS.

I’m sure many or most believe I was crazy to proverbially beat my head against the wall, however we’re all born with traits in personalities and mine happens to be, to want to get some form of justice and closure in situations that seem unresolvable. Did I mention that the last position I held where I was employed, it was in the area that researched and resolved problems with an account? Hmmmmm !!!!

So, even though I have been ‘acclaimed’ to have the honor of owning a defunct account, I cannot delete it for a period of 30 days; which I have marked on my calendar.

Just to add a little interest to this post, I’m putting a couple of paintings I’ve done in the past little while. I’m still needing to learn about texture and color etc. etc. etc. but am showing them anyway.

My son and his wife's cat 'Allie' who they recently lost

My son and his wife’s cat ‘Allie’ who they recently lost

My friend's little Yorkie 'Jessie'

My friend’s little Yorkie ‘Jessie’


14 thoughts on “30 Days and Counting

    • It sure felt like it…. funny (not) how a simple thing like that can make one (me anyway) so mad and feel that my personal space had been invaded.. and almost like he/she/it was waiting in the wings to try again… Diane


  1. How frustrating to not have total resolution to that email problem! Holy cow!! Do you have to provide DNA evidence to prove it is yours?!
    Love the paintings. Admire your desire to do it. Stick figures are a challenge for me!


    • I gave them almost everything else but! In the end while they would not just delete it for me… ‘absolutely cannot do that no matter what’…. they accepted for the umpteenth time a form I filled out that had less information to prove it than previously… and within almost two minutes said ‘you are affirmed as the owner…BUT still have to wait 30 days…just in case!… Diane


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