Not Feeling Well

Today, about an hour after getting up, I started feeling really unwell. I’m dizzy, weak so tired, a slight fever, and headache. I thought that it would pass, as sometimes I have had the weakness and dizziness before. I haven’t had a fever since the pneumonia a couple of years ago. But this is not pneumonia.

It has not passed however and there is not an ounce of energy in my body. If I still feel like this tomorrow, I will try to get in to my doctor.

I mention this because I can’t read any blogs… I tried this morning. So I likely won’t be able to catch up, when I am able to start again.   Diane


22 thoughts on “Not Feeling Well

  1. Well, if you are taking some medications, especially long term, they sometimes accumulate and cause huge tiredness. However, tiredness together with extreme fatigue, headache and dizziness can be a symptom of cardiac and/or blood vessel problems. Dizziness is caused also by many other factors such as low/high blood pressure; low/high blood glucose levels, depleted iron levels also manifest as extreme tiredness and dizziness, it’s always worth to have your WBC done because this will indicate right away what the red cell count/the white cell count, etc. is. Your doctor obviously prescribed you some tests, so I hope we will hear back from you that this was a minor systemic reaction to the changes in weather.
    I was feeling terrible all last week. I hope you feel better soon!


    • Thank you for your suggestions to check. It’s interesting about the doctor prescribing tests because she does not like to do so unless she feels absolutely necessary and in this case aside from some blood tests that I need done for another issue (that I had to remind her of) she didn’t suggest any tests… In fact I suggested that perhaps a BP medication might account for some of it, and she completely ignored that and really didn’t do anything. I’m still not feeling well, but it happens that I have an app’t with a surgeon tomorrow related to something else and I’m hoping to somehow ask him about it. I’m now looking for another doctor as we are not happy with her care…. Diane


  2. Don’t worry about not keeping up with reading blogs… We will still be here 😉
    Most important is your health right now so I hope you are not feeling too bad and I hope you get to your doctor very soon just to check and she if s/he can do something for you.

    Take care and feel better xx


  3. Please have this checked, I felt this way four months ago, finally went in have a reaction to “mold”…the apartment has a problem below my bath in the sub flooring. So, it will take me a long time to get well. Good luck. Please visit when you can. ajm


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