A Little follow-up and some Paintings

So most of you that follow me know of the problem I had with being hacked and not only that, but the issue with not being able to access my old hacked account in order to delete it. I had so much trouble trying to get a hold of someone at Microsoft to explain the complexity of the problem. I just couldn’t get through the barrier of not having the password that the hacker changed and so could not get anyone to sort things out. With the posting of July 31st I mentioned sending a letter to MS and while I didn’t really expect an answer, I sent one anyway to the US. office and the Canadian office. I needed to do this for closure. I sent a long explanation of my problem but also that I thought their process of dealing with people who were hacked, was flawed. I sent it about a month ago, and today in my email was a response, saying they got my letter.

They apologized for the trouble that I have had, and said there would be a further communication from the MS account support escalation team to complete the details. They know that all I want to do at this point is delete the account. I was happy to receive a response, to show that sometimes….just sometimes big business listens to the ‘little guy’…..

Anyway, I’m going to show a few paintings that I’ve done lately. With each one I learn a little more. For example the one of the beige dog; one of our previous dogs T.J. is far from ‘good’… I didn’t realize how hard it is to create the colour ‘beige’, and also when painting a light colour how in the future I know that more priming of the canvas is necessary or the backing of it shows through.

There is so much more to learn about painting the hair/fur of an animal also…. It’s time to look at some more tutorials.

Anyway, here they are.

T.J. A very special doggie!

T.J. A very special doggie!

Tiffany, was our Sheltie

Tiffany, was our Sheltie

Another bird, Woodpecker

Another bird, Woodpecker

A little Junco, on a cold blustery winter day

A little Junco, on a cold blustery winter day

21 thoughts on “A Little follow-up and some Paintings

  1. I think your paintings look great! But I understand where you’re coming from when it comes to wanting to improve and get better. I admire that.

    So glad Microsoft answered your letter and I hope they help you get closure soon.


    • Thanks….Yes, I guess when trying something new, it is only natural to try to do better… and I learn something each time I try…

      I’ll be so glad to just get that old email deleted… It’s a constant reminder of the hacker….Diane


  2. Good on you for sending those letters! You are so right! Sometimes these big companies should realise about each individual customer and how important they are and realise how they are not helping people. Even if it was for just closure, good on you!

    I love your paintings. Especially the woodpecker. I love the red spot on the bird and the black and white that goes with it. That splash of colour is really nice. Well done you!

    I’m hoping to get back in to my art again now I am back in hospital for a bit. But I need to get my sketchbook from home, along with clothes and everything as I didn’t even bring essential things with me! Nervous to ask to leave to go to my apartment to get stuff. Think I’ll have to wait until next Sunday/Monday by the time I move to the other ward and get ‘booked’ in!!

    Take care and keep up the paintings xx


      • Thx 😉

        Unfortunately I have the only key to my apartment with me. And I’m the other side of the city now to my apartment. And so is my sister and social worker.

        No way would my sister even come to visit, let alone bring stuff! They don’t have a car and it’s understandable, she can’t really come on a bus for 30 minutes with a newborn baby to here and back home. She’s busy all the time as she says.

        I’m not trying to sound like such a poor thing, but I am used to doing things alone without much help or any help with these kinds of things. I’ll just have to hand wash two of the three tshirts I have with me so that I will have something to wear on Sunday and Monday before I can get a pass to go home to collect some stuff.

        It all works out on the wash. (Pardon the pun).



    • Thanks Holly…. I slowed down quite a bit in blogging over the past few months because of fatigue… but I also just decided to take up painting in April… It is fun… Hope you are well. I know you’ve been busy with publishing your book(s)… hope to get back to writing and reading blogs again on a regular basis… after things get settled .. Diane


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