A Lot of Hullaballoo About Nothing

How many times since I started blogging in 2011 have I signed in to make a comment on another blogger’s post and all I did was click on the little ‘W’ for my name to appear and I would make a comment? That’s the trouble; when one does something one way repeatedly and has tunnel vision.

So my issue with not being able to comment on .com sites is because I only tried ‘that’ way to sign in! ….. Tunnel Vision!!!!

It took the patience of my nephew (who is more like a brother as we grew up together, me being only 18 days older than him) to demonstrate that the frustration I’ve had for so long, needn’t have been.

Today, when I showed him the comment process, he asked if I could just enter my email at the bottom instead of selecting the ‘W’ for WordPress. So, I did that and lo and behold after entering my email my WordPress information appeared and I was able to comment. In my head, that way of signing in was only for non-wordpress users and so it just never crossed my mind.

Did I mention he is very smart…. and I am ‘not’….

We get so set in our ways, at least I do, that often times I don’t see the forest for the trees. How many times relating to other areas of my life, do I do that? Maybe some of you can identify as well. Perhaps the way we only want to do things the way that we’re used to doing, and when another option is presented, we really don’t want to know about it, or change.

Anyway, the case is closed and I am so happy for all of you… as you don’t have to hear about it anymore… Of course I am ecstatic. While I do not know why the WordPress toolbar does not display on .com sites, I no longer care… it will remain a mystery. As long as I can give my 2 cents worth of comments.

Thanks ‘G’…..   Diane

15 thoughts on “A Lot of Hullaballoo About Nothing

    • Most sites ..(I went to yours and you don’t) when you start to comment there’s a message asking/telling the commenter that they have to sign in using either by ‘W’ or twitter icon, or facebook icon or google icon OR by entering their email,name and website… Mine has that… When you comment didn’t you have to do that? I looked at all my settings and I don’t have it checked to be mandatory for that… but nonetheless they display… at least when I checked from my husband’s desktop ?? Diane


        • So when I go to regular wordpress.com and I am signed in as you said… the ‘W’ does not show and I just comment.. but when it’s a .com site or a personal URL that’s when the ‘W’ shows… OR if the person is not a wordpress user.. AND I guess that’s the problem I am not recognized as a WP user on those sites… It’s really weird … I think there is some setting in my profile or something that is the issue… but it’ll likely remain a mystery….. Diane


          • Oh I see what your saying. You have to sign in under a wordpress user then you go to other blogging platforms maybe? I just posted something today and noticed WP put in some kind of a new editor interface. Now I guess I’ll have to take time to figure that one out! Wish me luck!! 😀


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