My Favourite Date

greatdatesThis post is a challenge; actually a contest put forth by Paige at ‘tales from the laundry room’ . She’s done of a review of a book called $10 Great Dates by Peter & Heather Larson and David & Claudia Arp;  and decided to offer a copy of the book for a best date, or favourite date etc. etc; to be voted on by her husband and children.

My perhaps most memorable and therefore ‘favourite date’ was my second date with my now husband ‘W’.  I’ll preface it by a little history leading up to it.

I met this ‘young man’ at our local grocery store as he was a check-out clerk. My mother and I used to shop there all the time, but after meeting him I offered to help out my Mom a bit more by telling her I’d be glad to go and get the loaf of bread we needed or butter or whatever I could think of. I used every opportunity to just see ‘W’. He would just smile and we’d exchange a few words, but all I could think of is how I wished he’d ask me out for a date. I told my mother this and she’d just laugh. It was just around this time of year, and our National Exhibition was about to open. I told my Mom how I wished ‘W’ would ask me to go there maybe.

One day when I was at the school yard with my friend playing hand ball it started to pour. As we ran to get out of the rain and go home, a car was passing and ‘W’ asked me if he could drive me home. Well, it was only a couple of blocks and so I said yes. On the way home he asked me out to go bowling, and of course I said yes. You might think that would have been my favourite, but it was the second date as after the first one he asked me to go to the Exhibition. That was exactly where I was hoping to go, and so again I said yes.

We had a really good time playing the various games and trying to win a stuffed animal. ‘W’ was very outgoing and I was very shy and it was great to go on the rides and have cotton candy and play the games and just have fun!

Wally and I CNEWe had our very first picture taken there and we laugh still every time we look at it, because I tease him. He had his mouth wide open and I tell him that should have been a sign to me of how much I would be listening to him for years to come!

He also bought my first piece of jewelry, and I still have it to this day. It was a heart shaped necklace with his name engraved on it. I guess I consider it even now, as perhaps the most romantic gift that he ever gave to me.necklace

The rest is history, as last year we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary!



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