Confusion Reigns But This Too Shall Pass!

Right now it is so hard to concentrate; confusion is how I would explain is the state of mind I’m in. I say confusion because I can’t pinpoint why I can’t think of anything positive to write about.

It’s not that there isn’t positive things around me. We have our home and freedom to do whatever we want…we being my husband ‘W’ and I. We have all the necessities of life. We have our little doggie and kitty to share our home.

I have to believe it’s a combination of factors that have developed over this past year especially.. the health issues which still aren’t resolved until I see the surgeon… the situation with the dynamics of some family relationships and of course the recent trouble with my email and computer..

Maybe it’s as simple and complex as being tired for a prolonged period of time. I know what depression is like, and it’s not that…simply a restlessness and yes ‘confusion’ that right now seems ever-present. I wanted so much to write something light-hearted and maybe even humorous, and it bothers me so much not to be able to.

As a Christian I know this scripture, as I used to quote it often when I was depressed…”God is not the author of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind“. That’s what I’m lacking right now, a sound mind. I’m still not sleeping enough at night, and I do wonder just how long a body can keep going without proper sleep. I keep telling ‘W’ I don’t think I can go on like this, and yet the body does and I do!

So, why am I writing this? I guess just because by putting thoughts and words on paper… well computer actually, it helps to get some of this out of my head.

I so want to feel some strength and write something uplifting and ‘light’…. if only this confusion in my head would clear….

This too shall pass and sooner rather than later I hope!

As an after-thought I thought I would add some paintings I have done over the last little while-remembering they are only amateur and done for my enjoyment…. But that’s positive! … Diane

Daisy our cat -had a bit of trouble with whiskers Didn't have right brush

Daisy our cat -had a bit of trouble with whiskers Didn’t have right brush

My Red Roses

My Red Roses

Simply done a Pink Rose

Simply done a Pink Rose

My friend's doggie Milo

My friend’s doggie Milo



21 thoughts on “Confusion Reigns But This Too Shall Pass!

  1. Love the paintings! I’m so glad you share your paintings with us.

    As for not having anything positive to post. Who says it has to be positive? Heartfelt and honest is what I expect on WP. You don’t always have to be uplifting. Sometimes its helpful to just, as you said, ‘get some things out of your head.”


  2. Your paintings are lovely Diane, I especially like your cat painting. Maybe picking up a paintbrush again will help how you’re feeling now? Sending hugs and hope you’ll be feeling much better really soon ❤


  3. Sometimes when I am feeling heavy in my spirit, it is meant for me to pray..go to my prayer closet..maybe just a matter of being quiet. Like Jesus we need to go off to the mountain, room, closet to get refueled. Your paintings are lovely.


  4. Hello. Well you are certainly doing a positive thing here first of all by posting.. Sometimes we need to write and not think about it too much and then we open up and start to realise what is bugging us.

    I love your paintings! I must say, the roses are beautiful! I love the kind of moodiness about them because of the dark background and dark red of the roses! I think it expresses a lot possibly for you that you don’t normally express. Not necessarily moodiness or something, but maybe so too! But also the passion of dark red roses and love vs darkness is really interesting.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend xx


    • Thanks for some good thoughts… I guess there is some ‘mood’ involved for sure. I really think ..and you could identify.. that when we aren’t sleeping well it’s more difficult to concentrate and think clearly… Diane


  5. Your kitty looks charming. You are getting better and better with painting.

    I find that writing my thoughts somehow clear up my head and my ‘burden’. Just put them out on paper, like paper is your trusted friend and hang in there.


    • Thanks Imelda.. it does help I think writing some of my thoughts out… Painting is fun and I realize more right now that if I’m looking at a picture when I paint doesn’t have to be exact… I can paint it like I see it…


  6. Your paintings are fantastic for what you call an amateur, Diane! So sorry you are having a struggle. I’m sure it will pass because you’re such a strong person. Sometimes you just have to wait these things out – that’s what I’ve been doing and I think I am emerging from the fug again – sending love – Juliexx


  7. Maybe you should take a break from news media, sounds like you might be a wee bit depressed. Another idea, some of my facebook friends had a five days five positives five invites where people had to agree to write about five things they were grateful for for five days running and invite or nominate five friends to do the same.


  8. I’m sorry you are in a blah…or a funk. I have no words to cheer you or offer anything but encouragement. Just remember, God loves you…and so do I (and all your many followers and friends!) Enjoy your day away from the stressors,a/k/a computers!
    Your paintings are beautiful!


    • Thanks Deb, I need to get away from the computer and it’s stressors for a day and in the days ahead I have to get outside more. Before we know it the summer will be ‘fall’… Hope you are doing okay.. at least as okay as you can… Diane


  9. Sorry you’re struggling. Write what you need to write, that’s what a blog is for, no need to apologize. You’re paintings are great! I’ve stopped blogging for now if you haven’t seen my post today. I still post on my website though.


    • I just read yours’ … What do you mean you’re still posting on your website if you’re not blogging? It seems we’re in the same boat… Today was another write off because of a lingering issue with my ISP … tomorrow we’re going to see our grandson play in his tournament I Toronto.. It’ll be good to leave computer and all related for awhile…Take care and keep in touch ..I’ll likely see you on FB anyway…. Diane


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