Question and Help ???

I’m just about exhausted with problems with computer and other online issues. Today I come to my blog site and there is no ‘notification icon’ on my site. The one that notifies us of new followers, comments and replies to comments I’ve made on other sites.

I did a check on WordPress Support and couldn’t find any answer. I will go back and find a person to ask if I have to but it usually takes time.. and before I do I thought maybe someone that reads my blog might know what happened to it, and how to resolve it.

I sure would appreciate it.

NOTE:  I thought I would try another browser just after I wrote this and with firefox it works.. But don’t know why Internet Explorer all of a sudden did this… Will need to check into this further but at least it works in Firefox…

ANSWER FOUND:  I  went to WordPress Support and thanks to timethief  she told me to check the compatibility settings in Tools and make sure that if wordpress was there ‘compatibility’ was turned off… ie … ‘removed from’ and lo and behold it fixed the issue.

I left this up just in case anyone else may benefit from the information…. thanks to those who gave advice.. Diane


28 thoughts on “Question and Help ???

  1. Hi Diane, its good that you got your problem with wordpress fixed. I did wonder too why that was happening. If internet explorer didnt keep having updates, I’d say we’d be ok. XX


  2. my heart goes out to you – I am sure you are ready to throw your computer out the window! Bless your heart. I am glad this did not take too long to fix. I also find firefox works great. Hugs!


  3. Glad you got something resolved. I had a problem with WP when I started and had to install Firefox to get past it. I never thought about finding an answer under Tools. Thanks for the great info!


  4. Don’t take down the post! It may be helpful to someone else having the same issue. Dump the cookies, history, temp files in IE and see if that helps. I try to remember to do that at least once a week. Of course, dumping cookies also deletes any saved passwords, but leaves the bookmarks alone…usually. 🙂 Aren’t computers fun?!


    • Hi… I contacted WordPress… I’ll put it into the post in case like you say… it may help someone else… it had to do with compatibility settings…. I am so overloaded with computer and other issues… Still dealing with my ISP as my computer is so slow most of the time… the past two days ridiculous… anyway… I need to focus on something else… maybe tomorrow?? Diane


      • Now THAT sounds like a plan! Only I keep thinking about those kinds of things until I come up with the solution! Got a laptop that won’t boot up most of the time. Just can’t figure out what it’s issue is. Only 3 weeks past warranty! Arrgh!


        • You know I was ‘dreaming’ about the hacking situation almost every night.. Can’t help what the subconscious decides to do… Wonder what is your issue? You’ll likely find out… Did you troubleshoot anything? Diane


          • When it lets me into it I try to. Of course, it’s one that has the OS on a hidden partition and doesn’t want to let me into that to reinstall it. Company that made it (acer) is no help…


            • My husband’s is an acer…Don’t mean to throw questions at you but did you look online for an ‘acer manual’… Don’t know what you mean by OS is hidden partition…Mine lets me go into the control panel and troubleshoot computer issues… and I think something under systems and security ???… Diane


              • There is a part of the hard drive that has restoration software in it. Usually you can recover your hard drive to factory settings. It won’t let me. I can get into the bios and it’s all set ok. When it boots it will only go as far as the acer welcome screen. I’ve looked at the manual and purchased the system restore USB from acer, but nothing let’s me get to windows. It just freezes.


  5. Sounds like an IE (internet explorer) glitch. Try logging out, rebooting the computer, and then logging back in. I see you logged out, but try a reboot. If that doesn’t fix it also try “deleting all the cookies and temp files” from your internet explorer options.


  6. I don’t even know what a notification icon is, I’m too new here but I do hope you get an answer. Like the person above said, maybe a logout and in might correct the problem?


    • Hi… The notification icon I didn’t know either when I started but I tried another browser and it works now. It is found at the top right corner beside the word New Post and if it lights up it means someone has ‘followed you’ made a comment on one of your posts…or is a reply from someone you made a comment on one of their posts… You click on each one if you like and can reply to them or just read or if they are following you and you want to look at their site… click on their name. The new followers, comments do show up also in your email… if that’s how you have it set up. But the replies from comments you made on another site only show up here for you to see. I’m going to take this post down now since I know the reason… Good luck with your blogging . If I can help you sometime just ask.. Diane


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