An Explanation – Why Did I Try So Hard?

I’m not going into what’s been happening again re the hacker. But what I did want to mention about why I kept trying so hard to ‘fix’ the problem.

First and foremost I was really angry that this happened and that those that I contacted through both my emails were sent scam emails.

The reason though that I persevered so relentlessly is that it is second nature for me to do so. The last position I had before retiring for health reasons, (Multiple Sclerosis) consisted of ‘problem solving’. I worked for a Christian non-profit overseas world relief humanitarian organization. It was therefore of utmost importance to find out why something negative happened in their dealing with us. We needed to assure people that we were honest and trustworthy and so if something wasn’t right, either to do with their donation sent to us or finding out something perhaps about their sponsorship, then by golly I was going to get to the bottom of things and find out what they needed to know. That sometimes took a lot of researching, time and effort.

So when this happened I went into the same mode of thinking. The problem was that, because of the electronic way of handling everything now with voice mail, standardized letters, electronic responses by email, form letters or comment areas or lack thereof there was simply NO WAY to get the answers I needed; a total block of human contact whereby I could explain the circumstances.

To me this was not only unacceptable but ridiculous and showed the lack of caring of big business.

I wanted justice and resolution but alas there was/is none available. This was not what I could easily accept and I felt not only defeated and frustrated but disillusioned as well.

That was hard for someone like me, who was used to never giving up until I had the answer. The thing is I took some of you along with me and while I think that I dwelt on it too much, the reason I began this blog was to put my feelings and concerns into words, and so that’s what I did. I’m sure that I turned some off with talking about it but aside from apologizing for writing about something that perhaps seemed excessive…. all I can say is ‘I am who I am’… and it’s hard to change when I’m close to hitting the seventh decade of my life.

I must give a special thank you to my nephew (only16 days younger than me) who is in BC for all his help and support in trying to sort this out.


2 thoughts on “An Explanation – Why Did I Try So Hard?

  1. You have all the reasons to make sure things were set right. First of all, your life and its secrets are at stake.
    You were a great asset for the company you worked with judging by the way you fixed your issues. 🙂


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