Hallelujah ……

Very short post!… GREAT NEWS!   I was able to ‘remove’ the hacked Hotmail account from Thunderbird. While it didn’t delete the actual account online, I was able to delete the contacts there leaving nothing except the ‘bare’ account.  And I was also able to take my name off the account. It’s really weird, even though the hacker changed my password and contact information, I was able to do the necessary things to finally get rid of the account. (not the usual way)

I will mention that I got another spam email today about my google account, but since I couldn’t get anywhere …again… to just let Google know, I simply put it in ‘Spam’ and deleted it.

If you get anything from the old Hotmail account please just delete it as I won’t be using it again. My new email  still starts with writerwannabe…..   but it’s at gmail  NOT Hotmail.  I’ve changed it here at WordPress of course.

I actually now have two gmail accounts one for blogging … the one I mentioned and another one that I primarily use for everyone other than bloggers… but you may inadvertently get something from me on that one…Just remember no ‘hotmail’ again….  I went to my gmail accounts and made sure the verification alternate email and telephone number were put in.

I am so happy to get this for the most part cleared up, and maybe now my mind will be a lot less cluttered and I can think and write about everyday normal things, once again…. I probably won’t get caught up with the reading of your blogs, and will likely start from tomorrow’s.

Thanks for putting up with my ranting. I think though if it helps anyone to realize the possibility of this happening and taking precautions to hopefully avoid it, then the posting of the issue was worth doing.      Diane


4 thoughts on “Hallelujah ……

  1. Such great news, I am happy for you!

    I will say also, that I used to be a Hotmail gal but now for several years I’ve been using Gmail and in my opinion Gmail is go much better and more secure. Because you can link it to your phone number and have 2 security questions and have all different ways of verifying it’s your account in different ways and it feels more secure. And just easier to use because of the interface which I find so much better….

    So I’m glad you are with Gmail too because of that!!

    May this be the end of the tech issues once and for all! xx


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