I am Who I Am – Hope Springs Eternal

Today our daughter and family did visit from Chicago, and we had a very nice visit. It’s a beginning!

While she was here of course I was explaining all about the hacking incident. She knew the basics from receiving the hackers’ email and my soon to follow ‘alert’ that the first was a scam. She told me as did her husband that at this point just to forget the whole incident and to not try further to clear things up. I have tried relentlessly to try and get some help but to no avail. Every time I do, they refer me to a place even to follow a link to get some reply, to where I have to sign in with password. It seems they don’t get it at all.

Anyway, her husband who is in the ‘corporate’ world said that if I sent a letter, to Microsoft head office in Washington that it would just end up in trash; that today corporations really don’t care about such things and most especially about people like me and others who have such difficulties. They said that the companies know there are issues, but basically unless it involves a problem for them, that they really don’t care. I know they kind of were laughing that I didn’t just forget the whole thing, and maybe they’re right. Maybe I am totally naïve that somehow, I might get through the bureaucracy and someone will actually help and reply. I know now, looking back at an email, that I caused this to happen out of ignorance and carelessness. I will however say that the email that was sent to me, looked official and the contents were believable because my computer guy that I used to have said that MS was going to eventually get rid of Hotmail accounts under certain conditions, and that’s what the email purported to do. As most of you know I have been very tired, and when one is in that condition you don’t think as clearly as normally you would. I have beat myself up so much for being ‘stupid’ …. I can’t think of any other word other than that. But it’s done and I can’t take it back.  I do however apologize to anyone this affected ‘again’.

After all that was said to me, I had to ask myself if I would just do as was suggested and forget it and not even worry that I can’t delete the account. Here’s the thing, “I am who I am’ and with still hope that the letter and screen shots of the email sent to me and the letters that the hacker sent, and the information I saw about them realizing that most is likely false… that still perhaps they will read and ‘maybe’ … a big ‘maybe’ it will at least make a difference to someone else in the future. I told them that their security process is incomplete and lacking severely turning me ‘the victimized’ into the suspected perpetrator, all because nowhere does it allow for a place to make a statement or give an explanation. If they did I could have shown them the hacker’s letters and other screenshots I took of various things.

So, maybe all will go into the trash and they won’t care about anything I said, but I have to be who I am and in the core still of my being ‘hope springs eternal’ that maybe, just maybe it will make a difference and my letter and other contents won’t end up in the trash can!

I will surely let you know if Microsoft does respond. I know….”don’t hold my breath, right?”           Diane

14 thoughts on “I am Who I Am – Hope Springs Eternal

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  2. I don’t really want to side with your son-in-law, but I fear his assessment of big corporations jives with mine. However, I also believe in writing letters. I’ve written to the Better Business Bureau, and to Bank of America. I did get a response from both. BofA, however, just gave me the runaround, but the BBB was very responsive. Have you considered contacting them? I don’t think anything happened to the business I complained about, but I figure, I did my part in reporting their lack of expertise, and have to be satisfied that I did what I could and feel better for having done it.

    You may want to let things go, but there is no harm in sending your letters, but if it makes you feel better, why not?


    • I really appreciate you saying that Linda.. On the one hand I’m not naïve about big business but on the other hand I need closure.. and to voice my opinion… kind of feel like David meeting Goliath.. I looked at our laws re scams and email .. Our CRTC … covers some of that…but the process of putting in a complaint and what happens to it all was a bit too much..but I am sending letters to MS Canada and MS U.S.A. … and then it’s just ‘done’ Would you believe I got an email from MS asking how I rated their support!!! I told them but haven’t heard anything back. They sent it to my defunct Hotmail account.. probably contacted the hacker afterwards…..even though I gave them my tel. # and asked them to call me…. ahh well…. c’est la vie… Diane


  3. Sad to say I have to agree, big corporations do not care about the consumer only our money. But like Gibber said, it is not something to stress over and that is now over. Although like you I understand the feeling of violation, the need to set things right and punish those responsible. But it is done, your health and well being are more important. So this is what I tell myself – take a deep breath, let it out and leave the issue at hand behind me…not always easy though, but with us here, you will find what you need to put this mess behind you. {{Hugs}}


    • You’re right about the need to set things right. I couldn’t believe that a person had to go through such an ordeal… and feeling no way to clear it up. My job the last time before retiring was ‘problem solver’ of difficult situations that needed resolving … I worked with a non-pofit org. overseas world relief and sponsorship etc. so we HAD to clear things up for ‘donors’ to keep their trust. I guess it’s partially because of that.. and hoping that somehow if I persevered I could ‘fix’ things…I may write a short blog on why I reacted the way I did… so people don’t think I was crazy…Thanks Patty


  4. I don’t think Microsoft will do anything either. Unfortunately so. These things happen to hundreds of thousands of people and unless it’s a problem where you are a paying customer, then they’re not going to help most likely otherwise. And because it’s “just” a free email account that you have from them, they unfortunately are highly unlikely to try and help you and take the time in doing so.

    I am so glad you had a lovely time with your daughter and family! Really glad. Xx


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