A Little More News Re Problem I’ve Had – I hope the Last

I sure hope that I won’t have to do any more posts filled with details related to the hack of my email. I would really like to post something frivolous and positive….. and I will.

There is still some nagging details that I need to tell you about. The first is that I’ve opened a new email for blogging and am going to delete the Hotmail account when Microsoft adjusts the settings so that I can. I did get confirmation that I own the email and reset my password. The only problem is that there are two identifications that M.S. uses; one the the password but the other is the verification telephone number. The thing is, the hacker changed both when he hacked and yet the only thing they allow you to change is the password. So, what happened the first time is that they managed to somehow take the email back after I changed the password because I think they notified them.. It’s all a mystery really.

The thing is, that I went to delete the account today and I couldn’t because the telephone number was not mine, even though the password was. I don’t think they can get back in, but I just want to delete that account for closure of the whole mess.  After literally searching for hours today to find someone to explain the issue with…. either by email or phone (forget the phone)… I finally did an email and asking for them to find a resolution. I’m supposed to have a reply within 24 hours.. I hope with an answer!

Because I’ve been somewhat greatly distracted with all of this, I need to apologize. While deleting everything I could and trying to transfer some of your blogs to my new email… I inadvertently deleted not only everything on the old one, but on the new one as well. The name is the same almost and I guess I lost concentration and before I realized what I’d done everything was gone.  I couldn’t believe it and was so mad at myself.

The new email is writerwannabe763@gmail at dot com  See what I mean about the two names but I didn’t want a big change.

On the positive side, our daughter and her husband and two grandsons are going to be visiting on Thursday. Those of you who have been following for awhile know the importance of the visit. We did see three of them for a day during a hockey tournament in Buffalo, about a month ago. But it’s the first time they’ve really seen us or our new home since we moved in October 2012. They live in Chicago and we’re in Ontario.

Sorry for the long-winded post. I was told by a friend and fellow blogger that the ‘jerk’… sorry but he is and more… sent a second email at least to some, contradicting my post and saying it was not a scam. The detail that this ‘thief’ went into signing my name to various emails as I was in the habit of doing was unreal. My other email account is used, as well as for others, the prayer chain at our church and for which I usually sign ‘In Christ’…Diane…and he signed the same way. He didn’t reckon on the wisdom of those he sent to though, because in his scam email, he (pretending to be me)  didn’t… and they knew I would!’t ‘ask for prayer’…! By the way if any of you received the email through the other one I had mentioned to send it to spam, but again I was reminded that if you did,  you wouldn’t receive any further legitimate ones from me….

I do pray this is the end of it all, and that peace reigns once more in my home life and my blogging life….. (and you won’t have to hear about it again) ……………………………..Diane


13 thoughts on “A Little More News Re Problem I’ve Had – I hope the Last

  1. What an ordeal! I’ve run into similar situations, but have always been able to solve them. I can see deleting both accounts accidentally as well. That’s something I can do easily. LOL But with this “Jerk” causing problems in that he’s sending emails to your contacts, deserves to be punished.

    I don’t understand hackers. All they do is create chaos when no chaos is required. Why hack someone’s email? To what end? To upset people he doesn’t even know? What does the Hacker get out of the whole thing, that’s what I can’t comprehend.

    I am overly cautious when it comes to things like this, I never open an email from someone I don’t recognize. So far it’s kept me and my computer safe. I do hope this is the end of all your problems. I know the anger and frustration you must be feeling.


  2. I’m delighted by the news of the visit of your daughter and her family. May it bring much joy for all concerned. Good luck with your email issues. I know first-hand how frustrating they can be.


  3. My goodness, what a mess this person created for you! I also received the e-mail and did not know what was going on at the time I opened it. I’m hopeful that by opening it I did not open myself up to this hacker’s creative intrusion into our lives. I shall keep a very close watch over my account! Thank you for keeping us up to date with the trials and tribulations of your situation, as it alerts us all to the potential that this kind of thing can very easily happen to all of us—at any time.


    • Thanks Deb, I’ll just be so glad to get it deleted once and for all.. I feel that at some point I caused this by giving out information believing it was someone else, but from now on … I don’t give anything out no matter who asks… or I check very thoroughly before doing so. I think I’ve been so distracted lately that I could have not been thinking clearly … I truly hope the end of this is SOON… Diane


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