Unbelievable Runaround !!

I have spent so much time and effort and yes tears trying to clear up this mess of the hacked email, that I don’t believe it. How a big corporation such as Microsoft can cause such a runaround, is beyond my understanding.

I thought that the original ‘hacking’ was over and then of course found that they sent out a ‘scam EMERGENCY email to some maybe all of my contacts, for which I did send out an alert.

Last night I realized they had somehow changed the password and alternate contact email AGAIN!  So I tried first of all to phone hoping maybe there would be help 24/7. Of course they don’t. And I’ve tried online to see if I could explain the situation but again I can’t because before they’ll not even talk or ‘chat online’ with you, unless you give the email and password and of course mine is not showing valid because it’s been hacked.

So I go and answer the questions which are totally inadequate for this situation as it’s not just forgetting my password it’s hacked with them stealing it. But I go through the questions and fill out the form to verify I own the email. They advise me this morning that I didn’t give enough information and so please do it again. Then it says it could take up to 24 hours, and so I go and don’t see their confirmation link soon enough… must be a matter of minutes… and when I go to confirm and follow their link … it says it’s expired as too much time has taken place.

They tell me to go through the process again which I did, after trying in vain to try and get someone… a ‘LIVING’ person to talk to me but find they don’t give phone support for a Hotmail account, and am directed back where I started. And so in defeat I go back to complete the questions and form only to have them say they are doing maintenance on the site and to come back later.

So you guessed it, I went back in about a half hour and complete everything once again, this time after completing it they say there’s been too many submissions on ‘this account’ in one day. They have to work on other accounts and to come back in 24 hours.

I guess I’m venting because as I said I can’t believe that this large conglomerate cannot handle something like this more effectively. And the people that I did talk to, one in Microsoft Canada and a local support store could not have cared less. “Sorry” they say that’s your only option and we can’t give you phone support.

So a ‘heads up’…. if you ever run into anything like this be prepared for the biggest runaround there could be. Microsoft may be big but they are not customer friendly, at least not for the ‘little guy’……..  End Of  Rant!

By the way, I will be opening up a new account for blogging and getting as far away from Microsoft as I can at least in my email; I don’t have much choice in the internet as Windows 8 is owned by………!!!. I’ll let you know when it’s set up. Thanks for listening to a very frustrated person and fellow blogger……  Diane


19 thoughts on “Unbelievable Runaround !!

  1. Diane, I’m not a computer guru, but this whole scenario raises a red flag with me. It makes no sense. If i were you, I would NEVER follow a link from an email to the website. Quite a few scammers can make that letter and link look exactly like the real site. The fact that you have to continually fill out forms and questions is suspicious too. I think I would change my email account completely if I were you. Either a gmail or another hotmail, if you want to stay with them. Also run a malware scan, an adware scan and update that antivirus. Run it daily! It is so easy to fall prey to these jerks. Hugs to you!


    • Hi.. you’re right on.. I opened a new gmail account and new notifications will go there.. When Microsoft allows me tomorrow I will forward the emails to my new one and say farewell to Hotmail.I have had all scans done last night on my computer and all is okay so I think these ‘jerks’ wanted to concentrate on getting money from their scummy email…. Another blogger had this issue about a month approx. ago It could be the same ones… The reason for the forms is because MS doesn’t have enough choices when you go to reset your password.. Like since the hackers put their password and alternate email… That was the only choice other than ‘I don’t use those anymore… not ‘this is not my password or alternate email.. but the hackers…. So when I click I don’t use them anymore they make you fill out information on a form with eg. subjects of 3 or 4 recent emails 3 or 4 emails that you have sent to … and on and on… and then I wait for while not 24 hrs…. close!…. MS sucks when it comes to customer service … too much voice mail etc…. My new email is writerwannabe763@gmail.com …I’ll put a quick note up that people can expect a different email if they see it’s different …or something ?? Diane


  2. I am so sorry to hear you had so much hassle, and believe me I can understand. I had my email hacked as well as my credit card information hacked, which caused my credit history to be ruined for at least two years. Big companies don’t care. What I have learned is to keep updating my passwords frequently. Sorry you are having so much trouble with this. 😦


    • Thanks.. you definitely understand. I am thankful that it is contained to email.. and what they wanted to try to extort money .. I’m glad that a friend warned me as soon as she got the email.. so I could get the alert out to everyone… I have a new email set up now for blogging and just have to wait till MS gives me access to retrieve the messages I want and then delete the account… What a stress it is eh? Diane


  3. Continued good luck is all I can wish! I hope this can and will be resolved as soon as possible with as less stress as possible! xx


  4. Oh Diane! I’m sorry this is happening to you. I wont use hotmail for that reason. Microsoft sucks for support. I know you know that now though. Sending love and hugs and strength! XX


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