Update on my High Jacked Email

Hi again, Well after dong some research and changing email passwords and contact information of my email, I have control again. I have two email accounts, one with Google, and one with (Microsoft) Hotmail.  As it turns our both of them were high jacked from someone in Nigeria.

They managed to gain control over both and actually went and changed my password and alternate contact information as well.  I was blocked and so I didn’t get the confirmation email about the change, until today asking if I requested the change.

Because of this I don’t know how much information they had access to, so as a precaution if you think there is any problem with your account, I would change your password. They maybe didn’t get any or not too much but from about 11 pm last night until this afternoon,  I couldn’t get access so I don’t know if it is possible or not.

I don’t know how they got my information and I just wanted to give you a warning….  Diane

27 thoughts on “Update on my High Jacked Email

    • It was a very frustrating and anxious time.. like I mentioned to someone else… my main concern was my contact list being misused… but I believe they were locked out as well as I was ..when I think about it so hopefully they didn’t get anything… ‘hopefully’
      I’ve been thinking from time to time how you were doing but assumed just busy with ‘life’ …new home…son.. and grandson..
      Hope everything is okay… Diane


    • The thing that bothered me most was that they might get my contacts and do something to them… I am hoping that since my account was locked they likely didn’t have access either and soon as MS confirmed I was the owner of the email… I changed passwords…. Diane


      • Just thought you would like to know they are sending out emails saying your sister was in an accident in Nigera and you need money for her. They even sent an address to send money. I still have the email if you need it. I did not send it to you via email because I was not sure if you were receiving them. I am sorry this has happened to you. It is happening more and more each day. Can you still get emails? It is on your hotmail account.


        • Hi Patty, A friend already sent me it but thanks, I’ve sent out a warning to my contacts, but also doing this post I just did. Actually I’ve got someone looking into whether or not there is something still wrong as I can’t access my Hotmail account. This is just so upsetting to me… but can’t do much at this point about it I guess. I wish that Microsoft could… as they have the IP address…. I know that name etc probably is false but I would think the IP address could lead them to the culprit….. Diane


          • From our experience at the Presbytery Office, they soon move on and your email is in tack. It is just frustrating and you do feel invaded. We have learned to always call the person in question..for us we deal with pastors and missionaries and churches going on mission trips it is not unusual to have people out of the country, but when in doubt we always call to confirm if there is a need.We never ever send money to any foreign company or western union address, we would send directly to the person after confirmation. I read once that they like to use active email accounts that are not used often, so I am thinking about deleting any contacts I may have stored on it since I only use it to receive emails for my blog or if I need to give an email account for a business, cuts down on junk mail in my own account.


            • It sure makes me think about information I store as well in folders to refer back to… I am able to get into them and deleted all information in them just in case they decide to look there and find something.I feel so guilty that I let this happen somehow… Diane


  1. Oh Diane, thats awful. These hackers are despicable. I’m sorry they got you. I had a trojan recently, dont know where it came from. But I got rid of it thank goodness. About the phone numbers, I’d say they were made up. I doubt they gave their real info, thats probably why google and microsoft didnt look into it. Carol anne XXX


    • Hopefully they didn’t get anything if I was locked out probably they were too…and then I changed passwords… I don’t know the reasons they do it because there is no money that they can get from doing so?? It was a challenge… no …change that to a feeling of violation.. of my personal stuff…. really upsetting … Diane


  2. oh no! I am so sorry to hear about the hacking. It is so inconvenient to say the least. I hope not too many of your personal information had been compromised.


    • Thanks Imelda.. I’m thinking now that if the account was ‘locked’ then likely the hacker couldn’t get in either… and I changed passwords on both accounts right away… so hopefully they didn’t get anything… I hope not… but I’m thinking if I can, I’m going to get rid of Hotmail and set up another gmail…. Diane


  3. I am glad this has been sorted out and hope that it will resolve the tech issues now.. It’s scary stuff, not knowing how they get access to your information! I had my credit card used 4 times several months ago and have no idea where they could have gotten my info from! I had to change my bank card and luckily it stopped but I couldn’t even get back all of the money they had used on it, luckily, though, it wasn’t too much.

    Horrible these things!!

    Glad you have your control back! Rightly yours! xx


    • It is awful not knowing where they got my information and my passwords…I saw where they were from an the alternate email they gave and even their telephone numbers. I wonder why MS or Google doesn’t go after them somehow?? Diane


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