Technical Difficulties You Wouldn’t Believe

I just wrote about the one issue that I have with WordPress and commenting, which I’m still trying to resolve. Then I get an email from Microsoft about my Hotmail account I use for blogging and maybe deleting it for complex reasons having to do with me changing browsers. Then I get an email saying that they aren’t able to connect me to it. By this time I’m trying to figure it all out and what to do to correct everything.

I decide I’ll go to the ‘Geek Squad’ at the store I bought the new computer from in April as we bought the extended support package. BUT then tonight I get advised from Microsoft that someone in Nigeria had tried to access my email account and asking me if this was me or a hacker.

Well, it sure wasn’t me so I follow the link to try and sort this out and change my password, which I did but then I go back and they had tried again to access it and when I guess they couldn’t because I had changed the password, they do something else which evokes another email from Microsoft and by this time not only they are confused but so am I.

So they ask me about recent emails I’ve sent …to whom….subject…. folders opened  etc. which of course I go blank and can only try to remember anything…anything at all! After I think there is some information that will prove it’s me and not the hacker, they say it may take 24 hours to decide whether I’ve given enough information.

Until it seems this is straightened out I am effectively locked out of my email.

Frankly I am a mess, and don’t know how I’m ever going to get this straightened out, but I guess I’ll make the trip to the store Geek Squad tomorrow to see if they can help at all.

So, you’ll know why I may not be able to contact any of you for a while.  I guess I’ll be able to see comments on my blog site but nothing in my email notifications.

As the saying goes…………… “I am sooooo confused”      (p.s. If you believe in prayer Please Do)   Thanks    Diane

5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties You Wouldn’t Believe

  1. Oh Diane, all of this has to be sooo frustrating! I can only imagine!

    It’s really unlucky to have such bad and annoying problems. I really hope that the people at the computer shop will be able to fix it for you. Maybe you should just create a new email account and then in the settings of your original/old email account, forward all emails to your new email account so that you don’t miss anything important from the old account? When I changed my gmail account I did this but I’m pretty sure you’d be able to do this with Hotmail addresses too.

    And I’d probably just wipe the computer off and start again even though that’s probably not so necessary and annoying to have to back everything up before… hmm..

    I hope it can be fixed asap!! xx


    • I thought about wiping the email out altogether but I can’t get access to it to do anything right now and I have another gmail account I can’t access either. I tried to go to MS to explain the situation but because I can’t access it and give them a valid password I can’t even do that. This morning when I came here to my blog… it has even affected it, as on the actual site there is no reply to comment area… because I guess my email is connected to this blog. I’m answering you from the ‘icon’ area of notifications etc. I am going to try and phone but it’s Saturday and I don’t know if the techs work there on Saturday..Thanks for the the advice … Diane


      • Oh my… So strange! I haven’t the foggiest of clues why this is happening… And that it’s affecting your blog too, ugh…

        I wish I could help you in some way but like you say, even with your email accounts, you are unable to get access because of the password issue..

        Sorry D and I hope it will sort out somehow in the end xx


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