Finally An Answer

Well, I had my appointment with the Gastroenterologist and got the results of the test I had a month ago, and at least there is something that can be done to alleviate the discomfort I’ve had for the past year.

I didn’t really mention previously but eating has been a real difficulty for me, as well as the other issue with over production of saliva etc.  Very often when I eat, especially a meal at dinnertime, I get pain and sometimes as a result my dinner just doesn’t stay down.  I won’t get into details about it except to say along with the sleeping issue regarding the other aspect mentioned, I just haven’t been feeling very perky.

So the test shows that I have what is called achalasia… a severe motility problem where the food and sometimes liquids just don’t get moved along into my stomach properly. I won’t get into the technicalities of it, but there is minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery that can be done.

While no one looks forward to surgery, the alternative to continue on the way I’ve been, is not an option for me. So my Gastro doctor will be referring me to a surgeon. It can take months to get this done, but he said he was going to try to get me in soon.  I really hope he can, because it has really affected the quality of life for me and has for some time.

I’ve been really ‘dragging’ lately … can’t think right now of a more appropriate word although I’m sure there is a better one. My concentration and energy level has been really low.

This is evident in my blogging as well; reading and writing. Maybe with God’s help and I believe he has already thanks to the many thoughts and prayers of many of you and some others; I may soon be feeling more like me… ‘if I can only remember who that is’… Did I mention my memory is bad too !!!

Anyway, for those who know me and have been following for a while, I just thought I’d share my news with you… Thanks for hanging in there with me!    ………………. Diane



21 thoughts on “Finally An Answer

  1. Diane, I am so sorry to hear about this. but if you can get it taken care of, I am sure you will be right as rain again. Just one more thing, right?that’s how I have begun to feel. I had a lovely talk with my boss today and reassured him I am on the mend. I am getting all the PT and other therapies help that I should have gotten before. Maybe this is why? Who knows. It also caused me to make major changes with my doctors who turned out to be crazy people. They thought I was too complicated for them and I should go back to Tampa for treatment! How stupid is that? So I have a new primary and will have a new neurologist on Monday. Still have to find a cardio guy though. Just one more thing.


    • Thanks Cindy, It sounds like you’ve had ongoing problems again but so hope you finally get some doctors that know how to best treat you… At least you are getting therapy…. Has your work situation gotten any better? I dearly hope so… Anyway.. thinking of you and take care Diane


  2. Diane, I so sincerely hope that you can get this surgery as soon as possible to reduce your suffering, and I hope that it will reduce your suffering A LOT… because your deserve nothing less than that! You are such a lovely woman and human being, you deserve it all, you really do.

    So I am very glad to have heard about your results and that it looks like something can be done about it… But now is the wait and obviously like you say, who enjoys surgery!? Nobody! But I hope it will be worth it in the end by a big degree.

    Wishing and praying that you will get this surgery asap and sending you much love.

    A xxx


  3. I’m so glad to hear there is good reason to hope a substantial portion of your health challenges could soon been rectified. Thank you for sharing the good news, Diane.


  4. I’m so sorry you are having such difficulties, Diane, and I will be praying for your return to your normal self as well as that the doctor can get you pushed ahead and get this procedure done and allow you to get back on the road to recovery! We certainly miss you!! Hugs….Deb


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