Sometimes we just do…..

Most times it’s not an intended thing, but never the less many people if not all do it at some point in their life. We hurt someone by something said or done or unsaid or not done.

Perhaps it’s just forgetting to say thank you for something done for us. Perhaps it’s a careless word spoken in gossiping. Maybe someone has told you something in confidence, and you share it with someone else and your friend who trusted you finds out.

Maybe it someone you consider your friend who ends up using your friendship for their own selfish purposes, such as happened to a friend of mine recently. Occasionally someone you have believed in is found to not have deserved it.

Families are not exempt from unintentionally hurting you either. It’s really hard when it is someone very close to you, because the bond is stronger and so the hurt is also. Many if not most times you make excuses for them and try to let it pass.

There are times in some families where the hurt is egregious because of harm done and those are very different then what I’m talking about.

For the lesser types of hurt,  even though you are human and can’t forget easily, you know that for your own sake…. you need to forgive! For to not do this, the hurt will fester and grow and vex your very spirit.

But a little piece of your heart is never quite the same. When this happens though it makes you so very conscious of your own words and actions towards others.

And so I guess there is something positive that comes from the experience after all!

footnote: the next time I post it will be of a positive nature… I promise!





17 thoughts on “Sometimes we just do…..

  1. Thank you. This is a timely read as I inadvertently offended someone when I commented on their post. Thankfully they let me know how my response affected them so that I could apologize and try to make amends. It is difficult being forthright. I often speak my mind without realizing how someone else may interpret me.


  2. It is a shame that people cannot be more forgiving. I know I struggle with that myself. There seem to be certain slights I can’t forgive. Certain traits I can’t abide. Yet I know I have slighted people unintentionally. I know I have some of the very traits I dislike the most in others. If I can forgive myself these errors, why not forgive another? The hardest (and easiest) thing to do is let go of the past.


  3. Forgiveness is the cure. We all make mistakes. If God can forgive us, so can we. Forgiveness is healing for body and soul. It melts the hardness of one’s heart It relieves us from burden and it blesses us.
    wishing you a nice day my friend♡


    • Thanks Deb… I’m really trying to realize the reality of things and to come to terms with it… but I see and hear how others hurt as well and so I know it’s not just a random thing that happens…. Diane


  4. I pray you will find the peace and relief from this issue that is tearing you apart. It’s true tho…once the hurt is there, it is always there. We are only human and we can forgive


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