Unfinished business….

This is something ‘pending’ that I need to do.

This painting is another ‘practice’ one for a friend and fellow blogger ‘C’ who asked me to paint her a picture with red/golds/creams…. so that I might eventually be able to paint it in a somewhat larger size.

I told her I’d practice on a small one and this is the latest one I did and it’s not nearly   perfect, but I wanted her to see it. I’m still not sure that I can do a big one, or if I can get the colors or the picture right…..as one doesn’t become an artist overnight or easily. I am flattered that she asked.. don’t misunderstand…. however I really only intended it for a hobby and to putter around. .

However, here it is for her to see!



17 thoughts on “Unfinished business….

    • Hi… thanks … not really .. I did two 8 x10’s but not larger. I only started in April to paint…. I’m going to try doing this one in 11 x 14 for my friend.. but don’t know if I can…. Diane


    • It’s very small (5×7) as I’ve just been practicing on small ones to try and get something with your colors and flowers that I thought might work… I’ll try and do a bigger one if I can… and if I can how would 11×14 be? It’ll take some practice still I think because I haven’t done one that big… Diane xo


      • no this one I want to go over my king size bed. so the picture itself needs to be bigger or it will be lost. why don’t you try to pencil in the flowers on that size I need and just paint from that? when I painted, long, long ago before I had the tremor, that’s what I would do. That’s what they showed us in art class if you were doing something big vs something small.
        BTW, Dennis loved your painting too! Thought it was as good as any of the “originals” we have!
        love, Cindy


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