Just For Awhile…..

Just for awhile, I may be absent a bit more from blogging or interacting. I know some of you also slow down somewhat in the summer or for various other reasons.

My concentration level has been low for some time now because of being so tired and for personal situations going on in our family. I have been finding it so hard to keep up reading blogs and posting.

So, with that said I am not giving up blogging and I will be following blogs as I can but if I’m not present and accounted for too much for awhile on your site, you will know why.

Blogging has become a part of me since I started in November 2011, and I have made so many dear friends … it will always be a part of me.

So, as I said I will be here but just not as regularly. I am hoping to regain my strength physically and emotionally.

I will be around!…..   Diane

P.S. If anyone wants or has to contact me they can on my blog or by email at writerwannabe232@hotmail.com


27 thoughts on “Just For Awhile…..

  1. I sincerely hope that you regain your strength and heal in all ways soon as I will miss your sweet comments and advice on my posts. You have cared more for my welfare during Mike’s illness and death than my mother has and I thank you so very much!! I truly value your friendship and look forward to your return to blogging soon! {{{{{hugs}}}} Deb


  2. Diane, I certainly understand that! I have been with my new company a year and it has taken all I have to give. On top of all that with the physical issues that just keep on coming…it is more and more difficult to have the strength to keep up with a blog at night! I had emergency surgery on my breasts on May the 10th. the implant from my mastectomy reconstruction was about to break through my skin. Funny how nobody thought it important enough to let me know that this was fixing to happen with the doctors in Atlanta! I swear if I could I would sue them all! but it isn’t worth it. Talk about careless disregard!
    I too have had some family issues that popped up this last year. That is why we have moved back to FL. not too far from the kids, but far enough! We needed to have a life again. Here, we can have one. So far after 3 months, it seems to be paradise!
    I love you.


    • So sorry to hear of your physical issues and also the family ones. But glad that you’re okay and are so happy in Florida. We finally are having some warm weather… it’s been a long winter and really never had Spring… Anyway, take care…. Love Diane xo p.s. did you notice the painting is red/golds/cream?


  3. Will miss you wonderful posts and comments Diane!!! However, completely respect and understand. Know you will remain in my prayers and thoughts daily! I will be anxious to see any new painting projects upon your return! Big hugs! Catherine


    • Thanks so much Catherine… I will be showing one painting I did …because I’ve been practicing it for someone who wants me to paint it bigger… I’m not sure I can but I told her I’d practice…

      but again thanks for prayers…and understanding… Diane


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