It’s All Perspective

IMG_0880While de-weeding a path at the side of our house today, it occurred to me that some of life’s truths can be found in even such a task as what I was doing.

It was very hot out but I was determined to undertake trying to dig out of the gravel path, the dandelions and other weeds growing in it. It took a little more effort because of the gravel to dig down and try to get as many of the roots as possible, and I used a strong screwdriver to do so. Because of the heat of the day and the fact that I do have M.S. and heat is something that can drain me of energy it did take quite a bit of effort. I had a special ‘scarf’ that helps to cool, and of course a hat and I really wanted to help do some of this to help out. Usually my husband does the yard work for the most part, but today I wanted to contribute.

As I was plodding along and seated on a garden cart with wheels, every so often I would turn and look behind me to see how much I still had left to do. I’d let out a sigh and turn around and look at how much I had done. Of course, there was more undone than done the first few times I looked.

Then I thought about the fact that I should really concentrate on the amount of weeds I had dug out and cleared, than to look at what I hadn’t done. And I thought that in life I often do that as well…. look at the things (weeds) I hadn’t yet taken care of in my life, instead of looking at how many I had cleared. I lament sometimes at relationships that aren’t perfect, or my health that leaves much to be desired, or things I haven’t yet accomplished in my spiritual life that I sometimes find so lacking.

I determined that I was going to try instead to look at those things I have accomplished, and the health issues I have overcome, and the relationships that are good and working and in the process of being healed, and how I have grown in my faith over the past number of years…especially the last couple.

My determination will depend on God’s help in doing so, because it is so easy to look at what is not yet done, than to remember all that has been…. and the many blessings received along “the path”.


32 thoughts on “It’s All Perspective

  1. Diane,

    Then I thought about the fact that I should really concentrate on the amount of weeds I had dug out and cleared, than to look at what I hadn’t done.

    What a great lesson for us all. When we remember what the Lord’s grace has allowed us to do in the past, it helps to encourage our hearts as we face the upcoming tasks of life.

    Thanks for a great reminder.


  2. Diane
    I love how you choose to look at the blessings in life regardless of the problems. That is so encouraging and surely pleasing to Jesus.
    ❤️~ Heather
    Ps- I re-followed your blog to ensure they come in my email instead of my reader. It’s a mess! LOL


  3. It’s a good thing to go with what you have. Humans make plans and God either accepts them or not. No genuine effort is wasted since the great things that arise from small beginnings may go long ways. We just cannot see them while being very close. You’re right: the perspective is what makes difference. The right perspective allows seeing what we have achieved and be happy with that.


    • Thanks for your comment… yes I find when I get too engrossed in what is NOT accomplished I can get caught up even losing hope that things will ever happen.. and that God is working …but when I look at what He has done in my life…it becomes easier to trust Him for the present and future…. Diane


  4. Definitely a good perspective to have… Much like seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

    I started reading a really good book in hospital when I got some concentration back for a bit but I since haven’t read it. It’s called The Roots Of Pessimism.

    Funny how the title is in relation to roots and you were weeding! I should get back to the book, it’s right on the table next to me 😉



      • I truly think so.. It’s funny, I randomly had the book on top if my wardrobe and last night took it down and put it on the table by my bed… My grandmother always used to say ‘it’s a message from G-d’… that there were no coincidences in life, so I shall take that and get back to the book!! xx


  5. That is a beautiful lesson you learned there. I can totally relate. I will remember you next time I think something is impossible to do.

    I had to think of a CS Lewis quote. I like him a lot as you know:

    ‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.’ CS Lewis


    • It is I think… because I for one… can still think about what is yet to be… but I’m going to really try not to dwell on what is not… and instead what ‘is’…. thanks Lynette…. Diane


  6. When I look at the tasks ahead of me I become overwhelmed and almost paralyzed by the enormity of it. But, when I look at the things I have gotten done and accomplished, I don’t feel quite as defeated. However, I think I can’t go through life always looking behind me! A quick glance every now and then won’t hurt tho, right? Great post that definitely made me think!


  7. Beautiful analogy Diane and you are right. We have to look at the effort and the success that we had done already to see God’s work with us through our life’s journey:)


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