Daily Prompt – Breathing Room

Prompt:An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

We live in a mobile home now since downsizing the end of 2012, and space is utilized to the fullest ….. there isn’t any to spare. I know what I would use it for but I’m not sure about the fact only three items can be added to it.

I’d like to have a room to paint in now that I’ve taken on a new hobby. The way it is now, I have to put all the paints and everything on a t.v. table and in a drawer, and haul them out every time I want to paint, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Now, the stipulation is three items which is kind of tricky. But if I could count ‘all’ paint supplies as one item that would help.  Then I really would need a table or easel to put the canvas on, and I guess the third thing would be a chair. I don’t paint standing up.

Downsizing has it’s good points but also some negative aspects. I used to do scrap booking before we moved but as I didn’t have room for all the supplies, I gave them away to someone who very much appreciated them. As I had done scrap books for all of our children and others close to me I thought I would not miss it. I did though, but have done more blogging since then instead..

This past April I decided to try my hand at painting, partly because some of the people I blog with do it and it just seemed interesting. Having lived the best part of my life without ever doing it, I thought that if I just experimented with supplies from the dollar store, I wouldn’t be out too much money if I didn’t enjoy it. However, I do very much like to try different things and while I will never be an expert at it, I just have fun.

So just to end this post, I’ll show you the latest two that I’ve done. I now have four birds (six if you count the ones I gave to my son and his wife)….. so I’m actually going to frame them and put them up, even if I don’t display any more. I did a blue jay and oriole before and now these two…… oh and I did another floral one too…

By the way, I realize I’ve been like a kid with a new toy, showing so many of these, but I promise in the future I won’t keep posting every one I do……also C.F. I am still practicing to see if I can do what you would like me too…. not sure I can but I’ll keep practicing……   Diane






23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Breathing Room

  1. I love the three items you chose! I think I’d pick the same items.. then when I wanted a change, I’d switch them out;) Love that you’re painting now.. it’s something I’m going back to this fall, I’m taking a class.. eeek, it will be scary!! But fun!!


  2. I thought of you today as we enjoyed the arts festival in one of the garden parks, lots of local talent. Terrific work and post as many as you like – I enjoy seeing them.


    • It is Lou Ann…. I really look forward to trying different things… I wanted to do birds for awhile… but there are so many types of flowers to do that probably will be my focus… maybe the odd nature scene…(I don’t know what I’m going to do with them…guess put them in a box to look at from time to time lol) …. Diane


  3. GOOD FOR YOU! A painting room sounds lovely. You deserve that and you could have your own room, your own peace and quiet and a place to run away to and just be in and enjoy what you are doing!! xx


    • Maybe I’ll have a room specifically…. some day but I guess for now unless I want to get rid of our spare bedroom… I’ll just have to persevere the way it is right now…Thanks ‘A’…. Diane


  4. I like your thoughts on what kind of room you would want. Being able to have three items would be challenging. I enjoy reading and seeing what others are doing creatively. It inspires me to not limit myself.


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