A Story Worth Telling

I have known of this situation for a while, and wondered whether or not to do a post, but it has touched my heart and so I decided to follow through and do it.

The story is about a blogger who goes by the name of Rara. To be honest I don’t know if that is her given name or blog name, but in any case it is the name I will use. Her main blog is here..and there is another one recently set up by some of her friends to have a venue for keeping updated with what’s going on with Rara and her case. The various people who set up this blog oversee it and give updated information. I’m giving all links if you are interested in looking at any of them, at the end of the post.   While I don’t know all the details, I will explain what I do.

This young woman is currently in jail having turned herself in, for several reasons. The legal reason being that she was accused over four years ago of taking money ….I guess the official charge is ’embezzling’.

Rara is pleading innocent and those who have been following her ordeal believe her.

She fought to prove her innocence for the past four years, but unfortunately they have no more money to pay for representation and so without this, she has recently been incarcerated, with the bail being $275.000 ! In order for her to be allowed out to await her court date, however it would be $27,500. In effect though there are different plans in the works to raise the full amount.

Frankly, she is just tired of trying to figure out what else she can do. Recently there was a hearing where the court appointed lawyer was totally unprepared, and hadn’t even read her case, and so had to ask for it to be remanded to a future date. That itself speaks to the kind of situation when one doesn’t have money to find and pay for one’s own lawyer who has a vested interest in working hard at gaining your freedom.

This young woman is a very strong,giving and resilient lady who is adapting the best that she can, as she experiences actually being in jail (She’s on lockdown 22 hours a day). There is a lot of people ….bloggers that are trying to do something viable to help. There is actually a place if one wishes to donate towards a fund which will be used for anything that Rara and her husband Grayson need , but of course the most important is raising enough if possible, and many are believing somehow it will be…. money toward the amount needed to free her while she awaits her trial. There is a link on the blog if anyone if motivated at all to help. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that. When you go to that blog site called  Queen Rawr (link at bottom) there is a badge with a dinosaur and the word donations.

There are many reading who cannot or do not wish to do so and that is fine as it is not my way to pressure such things. It’s only if you are moved to do My main purpose is to tell her story if you feel like supporting her in thoughts and prayers you can do so. You can sign up to follow that blog to get the updated information as to what is going on, or has gone on for which you may want to read at some point.. There are plans to communicate her story publicly, but it is only being done by Grayson and Rara.. But if anyone wants to share her story on their Facebook or other social media that would be great.

Note : (People can actually write to her too. One of the links below has her address. Letters can have nothing in them but the letter. No colour. Only pen to paper. They will be read by the guards.)  If people do want to donate, you can contact one of the organizers, at qorawr@gmail.com they will give you the link to the password protected page and the password where they can get their badge if you wish to display on your site.)

I am not one of the organizers, and so my post is the extent of what I can do. Any questions should be sent to the email above qorawr@gmail.com so that those who know more of the details can answer you…… 



10 thoughts on “A Story Worth Telling

  1. I am also one of her blogger friends – my current situation I am unable to help financially but have bee keeping her in my prayers. I may have my letter returned as I sent a card with a pass along in it. I used to write to someone in prison and this was allowed…guess it depends nowhere they are at. Thanks for posting this little help, I will send her another note of encouragement and hope. She has lots of support and I pray justice will prevail.


  2. I am sad for her and Grayson. I can barely imagine the fear, uncertainty and anger thy are going through. I will follow the blogs and keep them in my prayers.


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