Some Satisfaction……

Well, my appointment today brought some satisfaction but there are still some unknown factors.

I prayed before I went … if nothing else that the doctor would not ‘brush me off’ and make light of how I’m feeling. When I first went in he didn’t seem to think that too much could be done to change things, but when I told him that I couldn’t go on the way things were… not sleeping in bed because of the gagging and choking when I lay down, he paused. I guess the fact that I was tearing up, made him realize that he had to try something. So, he spent a few minutes looking on his computer, looking for a possible .. better medication than I was on. He hummed and hawed a bit, trying to decide and was going to give me two, but then decided on just one for now.

He wants to wait until I have the other test on June 13th to see what turns up. He said he thinks he knows what it will show, and if it does there may be some surgery necessary, but it depends on the results. So he said to ‘try’ this new medication until after the test and he gets the results, which of course he said takes time.

I’ll see him the middle of July! In the meantime he said to take this new med before supper and before bedtime, as the problem is of course with sleeping. And so I will hope that there will be some improvement and I will maybe be able to try laying down….

I guess we shall see. I was encouraged that he at least really listened and seemed to at least be trying! Thanks again for thoughts and prayers!

I’m going to put a couple of pictures up that I painted for my son and daughter-in-law, as they have a cottage and when they saw the other birds I painted, they asked if I could do 2 for them with birds and flowers in yellow and turquoise blue….. maybe a finch my son said. I said I would try, but if they weren’t what they really wanted they could just hide them and put them up if we happened to go up…ha! I haven’t showed them yet to them, and if they want they can just keep them as a memento. (the color doesn’t show up exactly accurate… as I the lighting I took the pictures in was not quite right)




40 thoughts on “Some Satisfaction……

  1. That’s almost good news. I wish you the best of health.

    Your birds are wonderful. Of course, the finch looks like a finch. Duh! 🙂 Paint, Diane, paint. You have this wonderful talent. 🙂


  2. Hi Diane! I love your pictures 🙂

    I guess I should have read your post before I answered your comment on mine. Your comment was not just an opinion but a hands on life example. I am really glad that your doctor listened, saw your pain and desperation and thought of something new to help you. And that’s how it should be. I pray that the new medication will help you and will work perfect!

    You showed the right attitude with not leaving until you were listened to and helped properly. Well done! I really know too many people who avoid going to the doctor – but once they do (including me) they are really relieved 🙂


  3. I wish you felt better on your new medication! I’ve been dealing with medical research for many years, and I sometimes do not follow my doctor’s advise when I assume it is wrong. Having lots of knowledge helps going the right direction. It’s at least good your doctor takes good care of you!
    Your paintings are very nice!


    • Thank you for commenting…. I’m finding the doctors I’ve been dealing with this past year have taken some ‘prodding’ to take me seriously.. and I still have issues that I’d like to pursue with my family doctor but I feel she’s closed the door in a sense on one particular issue that there’s nothing wrong but I really feel like there is… but don’t feel like I can say anything more or she’ll just think I’m ‘hypochondriac’ing’ I’m really perplexed in how to deal with I’m just waiting it our hoping something will help me… sorry to go on… just getting it off my chest I guess to someone…. Diane


  4. It will take time but it sounds like this doctor is going to help you. I will keep you in my prayers as well as your doctor. And the pictures you painted are so pretty. I admire your talent.


  5. So glad you have a little mental relief. But so awful this has dragged on for so long. I hope the new medication gives you complete relief and you don’t need to go on to surgery!


    • Thanks Linda…. actually there’s two separate yet connected issues… The one is the collection of fluid that prevents me from lying down…that’s what this med ‘may’ help with
      The other is that when I eat food doesn’t move like it should down my esophagus and into the stomach… it gets stuck and gives me pain and other unpleasant results…The first issue may be affected by the second… clear as mud ..right

      Anyway…I’ll be happy for now just to lay down…it would be nice…. I’ll face the other when I get the results of this other test… Diane


  6. Was in trepidation to come to my Reader and see how your appointment went.

    It sounds promising, definitely not all is lost… You have this medication to try and then the other appointment in a couple of weeks time.. Even though it no doubt feels like an eternity, hold on in there and I really hope that your determination will be worth it.
    It would be great to hear that the new medication is helping, even a bit, I hope!! Well, I hope MORE than that, but we have to be realistic sometimes and not get ahead of ourselves.

    Well done for getting your point clearly put across to the DR.

    Much love xx


  7. What pretty gifts for your son and daughter-in-law! I’m sure they will love them! Good luck with your new meds.. I know everything seems like a challenge if you haven’t had enough sleep the night before.. and especially if you haven’t had enough sleep for days! xx


  8. So glad you were able to get the attention you deserve for the problem you are having! Hopefully, you won’t be so wiped out after some rest. Just getting a dr to shut up long enough to listen is a miracle!! And to get them to talk to you as a person and not a text book helps also!
    I sooo love your paintings!! Especially the yellow finch. I just hung my upside down feeder up and am waiting for them to discover it. Will send you a photo when they do!


  9. Wow what lovely paintings your truly talented. I am glad your getting somewhere with the doctors you have a right to be listened to and for them to do everything they possibly can for you xx


  10. Thank you for the update, Diane. I’m glad that the doctor is beginning to have a better understanding of what you are going through and is now more seriously attempting to come up with a solution. I enjoyed seeing your paintings and especially like the yellow one.


  11. PTL Diane! So happy that your doctor listened to your concerns and provided medication to try for now. I’m praying this helps! Your son and daughter-in-law will love your paintings. They are beautiful! 🙂


      • Did you new med help last night?

        I already feel peace about this doc. The sectary was amazing. I told them of my fears. They offered to have someone go in the room with me. They said the doc is really kind. My T knows the doc she also said he’s very kind, doesn’t rush you, listens, and leaves time for questions. I’m feeling less scared. Now if only my family doc was like this.


        • That’s so good about the ent you’re going to… Maybe in time your family doc will ‘learn’ sensitivity… After this last appointment with the specialist I went to… I believe that they can because previous to then… he was anything ‘but’..

          Unfortunately we didn’t get home early enough to fill the prescription so only getting it today…. we’ll see…. It may not be ‘instant’ (but would be nice) Diane xo


          • Wow I’m so glad you brought the compassion out in him! I hope that he carries that with him!

            Is your new med to help you sleep or to try and deal with the issue not allowing you to sleep?


            • The med is to hopefully help the issue that prevents me from lying down…

              the test to come is for motility and swallowing .. he thinks it may be achalasia … problem re food getting lodged in esophagus when I eat… causing pain/and other issues…If it is, he said it may need surgery Diane


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