Another thought on Dreaming


This one painted earlier I wasn't too happy with but I'll include it anyway.

This one painted earlier I wasn’t too happy with but I’ll include it anyway.

There are a couple of thoughts I had on dreaming, referring to the post I wrote a couple of days ago linked here if you are interested in reading it..

I was blessed by responses I received on that post. Some of the people responding were actually identifying and wondering indeed what their dream might be also. Others encouraged me to perhaps engage in a new project or further ones I was already involved in such as writing and painting. Another, gave some insight into the fact that I might already be experiencing my dream.

Every comment gave me food for thought.

When I was a child my uppermost dream was that I find someone to love, then I would marry that person and have children and ‘live happily ever after”. Well, in reality I did find that special person to love and I did have three children, and am in the process of the rest of that dream. “Live happily ever after” is such a blanket statement when you think of it. In reality can everything be ‘happy’ in our lives…. ‘ever after’. I am certainly happy with my life, but there were many times when this was not so. There were many years of intermittent depression and I was not happy, but very sad even to the point of thinking life was not worth living, or that those who did live with me would be better off without me bringing sadness into their lives.

Thankfully I am free from that darkness today, but I do admit to having times of wistfulness and sadness, and I thought that if I had a dream right now it would not be for riches or any ‘concrete’ thing, but instead I have a dream that our family with many complexities causing dissension within it, would be ‘whole’ once again. It would be that we could look beyond the hurt, misunderstanding and words spoken in haste, and find forgiveness where it is needed.

And so within my life right now my dream of years ago are being realized, and some of that entails doing what I love and that is to write and a desire within me to paint, not as a Rembrandt or other great painter; only as an outlet to bring me joy.

The other part of my dream for our family, can only be realized by prayer and waiting for God to work in the hearts of all, to bring restoration.

“Many dreams do come true”.

Oh… a post-script: My computer is fixed and quick…. It needed a new router…. Yayyy!

4 thoughts on “Another thought on Dreaming

  1. A dream come true! (A computer being fixed!) may all your dreams, large and small continue to come true and may you always be a blessing, as your friendship is to me.


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