When Did I Stop Dreaming?

When exactly I was asking myself, did I stop dreaming? I don’t mean in the sense of going to sleep and dreaming, although I guess with my issues with sleep I’ve done that too…. getting off track.

No, I mean that most of our lives from a small child to an adult we’re filled with dreams I think. We dream of that first boy or girlfriend, of graduating, getting a job, getting married and so on! There was always it seemed something to dream about and to be excited about and anticipating.

When did it happen that I stopped? Was it when I turned 40, 50 or 60? I can’t remember when exactly except it suddenly occurred to me that while I live each day and each year and am for the most part happy with my life, I don’t dream anymore. There are no goals really or aspirations of any magnitude. Sure, I could long for enough money to travel wherever we wanted to, or perhaps indulge in some other fantasy. That is not realistic though. Dreams I think should have some aspect of  attainability and yet be something that gives a measure of spontaneity or the surprise factor.

I just realized that though I’m 68 (69 soon), it shouldn’t mean that I’m too old to have dreams. Maybe it’s just that I’m feeling older right now than my years….. maybe I’m just too doggone tired. I was just sitting here thinking and it occurred to me that currently I don’t have any.

Having now written out my thoughts, which is what I often blog about I realize that there is a need in this person sitting here to engage my albeit weary ‘little gray cells’, and in the next few days find me some dreams.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

IMG_0810Oh, and by the way I did a painting today (just a small one) that I’ve decided to add here….




33 thoughts on “When Did I Stop Dreaming?

      • I don’t sleep as well as I once did. I wake up at least 5 times a night. Usually I just roll over and go back to sleep, but the past few nights I’ve gotten up, wandered about the house, dozed for a while on the couch, and usually need a nap. It ain’t easy!


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  2. Maybe because you have no need to dream and you are living your dream…as a talented writer and a talented painter. 🙂 Don’t sell yourself short, remember Laura Ingalls Wilder was in her 70’s when she started to write. You are never too old to develop new dreams.


    • Thank you Patty, that’s a wonderful way to look at the issue and there is truth in what you say…..in that I am living I suppose my ‘dream’.. When I was a young girl I wanted to get married, have children and live happily ever after, as most children’s stories ended with in those days… and I did, so I’m in the fulfillment stage I guess of that humongous dream…Diane


  3. Love your painting. I’m not sure that I have dreams. If there are any there I think that they’ve been shoved down because at this point I don’t see them ever happening. Hope deferred is killing me.


    • Lynette .. I suppose if I’m honest . I am. This has been a difficult year and I’m still so tired … but maybe when I get a boost of energy in the form of some good sleep I will again feel like at least looking for those elusive dreams……. Diane


  4. Lovely painting!

    I think I’m probably searching for the same answers as you are so I’ll look out for them too! The dreaming, the aspirations…. I don’t know!!

    But maybe it is just little things like this lovely painting of yours… Little things. The little things in life that bring us fulfilment and if we work with lots of aims and goals like this, then this is enough? Maybe so.



      • Yep, I have so much to do in this area as you well know.. How I am always going on that I have no dreams, goals and inspirations! So what is the point!? etc etc… I can’t say I’ve gotten much of an answer from therapists etc, but what they did say is about the little things adding up to bigger things and never knowing when bigger things may come along too…

        On we go 😉


  5. Very nice painting Mrs. Diane. There are many reasons one does not dare to dream. Perhaps age, pain, life experience tells us otherwise. But dream, tap into it and make them come true. Think of things you want to experience, passions you have, places you’ve thought to visit and allow those thoughts to birth dreams


  6. I love your painting Diane. Funny, I was thinking about the same thing recently. I used to be filled with dreams, but not so much anymore. I think, for me anyway, it’s a good thing.


  7. Diane, it is hard to think of the future when the present is taking all of your/our energy. Having traveled the path of depression (both of us) we know the signs and traps we can so easily slide into. You are doing what you can and dreaming through your writing and painting. Hugs! Deb


  8. I believe your heart and spirit haven’t forgotten your dreams, my friend. Perhaps listening to their whispers will guide you back to them. May you find your dreams and follow them wherever they take you. Perhaps your interest in painting and/or writing will play a part. You have helped me follow my dreams on several occasions and I’m eternally grateful.


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