Not Too Much to Say

This past three weeks has been very challenging for me, with the computer issues that seemed to be finally cleared up, but then there seemed to be so many miscellaneous things related that I think my ‘little gray cells’ as Hercule Poirot would refer to his brain as….. (okay so most of you don’t know who that is)… anyway they are I think overloaded. Of course the ongoing tiredness with not sleeping well doesn’t help either. My specialist appointment is on the 28th, and I think that they will have to pull me screaming and kicking, out of his office if he doesn’t have some medication, treatment or possible solution towards helping the issue at hand.

I am trying so hard not to be pessimistic and on the other hand not overly confident either. In other words I’m trying to steel myself from being disappointed in some way. I have seen a copy of the results of the one test I had, as I got if from my family doctor’s office, but of course I have to wait to see the doctor (specialist) who ordered the test. There are definitely some things on it that seem to need addressing, so that’s why I hope he doesn’t say that there isn’t anything he can do.

Anyway, as part of therapy to compensate for the overload in my ‘little brain’.. (I think it’s shrinking), I’ve been doing the odd painting, so I am going to put them on here to share with you wonderful people. I’ve been trying to get a particular painting correct, so redid it, and another flower one as I like to do them, and I did my first painting of a bird because I just love them so. (There’s another one I have to practice for a friend who actually wants me to paint a big one for her) I’m not sure I am up to the task so need to see how I make out.  Anyway, here they are. Maybe I can get my writing flowing again in the next day or so… of course wouldn’t you know tomorrow is our wonderful check-up with our dentist and I hate …yes I said hate dentist appointments… not the dentist .. just the appointment. Ahhh well, such is life!

IMG_0804IMG_0806-001 IMG_0807



13 thoughts on “Not Too Much to Say

  1. Beautiful paintings Diane! Praying your specialist offers you recommendations. You’re a good advocate for yourself! 🙂 Hope you’re able to get a good night’s rest!


  2. I love your paintings but I HATE to hear that your sleep problems are still going on – It’s funny, I don’t remember reading anything about your sleep since your operation and hadn’t asked about how it has been going – sorry about that – I know I’m rather caught up in myself – it’s not so nice…. And out of touch more with other’s blogs so I am sitting now going through all of them. I read most on my Reader but don’t get around to commenting like I’d like to…

    I am praying for you that the specialist appointment will bring some answers for you – As you know, I’ve had my fair share of sleep problems and I know how horrible it is and how it affects day to day life.

    Reading on… 😉


    • I’ve written a bit about the ongoing sleep issue but not for awhile…About a year ago it was because of my nose issue but I had the surgery to clear that up but soon after I got this other issue… for which I can’t still lay down to sleep… I am just so tired all the time…although having said that I do function …just not well! I hope like you do…for better days…. Thanks ‘A’ Love Diane


      • That’s got to be so difficult and uncomfortable – not being able to lay down and sleep! Ech. I’m sorry.

        I really hope you get some solutions soon xx


  3. I hope you get answers to your health issues when you go see the dr. You have not lost any gray matter that i can tell. You give great advice and food for thought! Your paintings are wonderful!


  4. Just keep painting. Do it for pleasure, play around with colors, try to go layer over layer, and there’s no need to really try too hard. Once you have some more paintings, it will be easier to understand what relaxes you most. Great thing to not only make your day brighter, but also add a bit to your character. Like perseverance, more confidence, more stability. Painting is like a rescue place, nobody can find you there, it’s a fantastic way to tell your story, and regardless what you paint, it’s there. Very nice works!


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