Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Today I took some pictures of 3 of the wild birds we feed. While I don’t have the best camera… only an IPhone camera, I decided to post them anyway because they are so beautiful and I get to see them every day.

The one of the Hummingbird is not easy to see because I couldn’t get too close. He’s sitting on the right side of the feeder, and is so tiny. Last year we didn’t get them coming because I think I had the feeders too close to the other ones. This year I moved them and put them on their own, along with the Oriole feeder.

The Oriole is easy to see especially since it’s the male who is of course brighter than the female. He’s eating the grape jelly I put in the feeder.

Then there is the picture of the gorgeous and somewhat noisy Blue Jay, getting a peanut that I put on the railing of our deck.

And then of course I had to put in a picture of ‘Daisy’ hiding in my plant.

I guess I need to put one of our dog Koko, because he might know if I didn’t!!

Hummingbird So tiny

So tiny



Mr. Blue Jay

Mr. Blue Jay

Ooops I think she sees me!

Ooops I think she sees me!



19 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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  3. I see the hummingbird! How nice that there are those birds in your place. I bought suet hoping that the cardinal will visit more often. So far, only the Sparrows and Starlings have enjoyed it. I also got a birdhouse for Mother’s Day. I hope birds use it. I will see if I can get birdfeeder hangers like you have. I saw a hummingbird here once and I hope it comes back.


    • Thanks Imelda…..btw….Cardinals like Safflower seeds… the neat thing is that other birds and squirrels don’t like them. (They like sunflower too but so do all the other birds so I get the safflower for my cardinal friends) If you get a hummingbird feeder make your own nectar as it’s better than the bought stuff… 4parts water to 1 part sugar…heat on the stove to melt the sugar but do not boil…. keep in fridge…. Diane


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