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Colourburst For Zoe

For Zoe

I’ve decided to broach the subject of ‘re-blogging’. I suppose I have re-blogged only about four or five times. Sometimes when I read something I really enjoy, I am tempted to re-blog but I do indeed seem to ask ‘will I or won’t I’?

Usually the answer is that I decide not to. As I said I have on occasion done so, but I notice that not too many readers will read a re-blogged post.

I’ve determined it may be the reason that I don’t ‘often’ read one myself although I do sometimes/most times go to see what it’s about but may decide not to read the whole post if it’s something that I don’t at the moment relate to. That reason for me is that I follow probably 100 blogs, and I know there are those who follow a lot more than that. When I follow a blog I make a commitment to myself, that I fully intend to ‘try’ to read their posts because there is something within their posts that I can relate to, or want to understand, or the blogger is someone that  no matter what they write, I ‘will’ read. I can’t always read all of the ones that I have said I will follow even, depending on the circumstances in my life and the time I have allotted to blogging, but I do try to keep up whenever I can.

In order to do justice to those I have made a commitment to, I need to delegate my time to read their blogs and if I feel led to, make a comment. Since there are quite a number that occasionally re-blog one of the people they follow, I find it difficult to add them to the ones that I read. Having said that, I do read some re-blogs depending on as I said, the subject or content or in some cases length and finally, the reason that the person is doing the re-blog. If the reason is to help a new blogger, or promote the subject or just something very personal, I will read it.

I wonder if others’ reasons are similar. As I said at the beginning, the few times that I have re-blogged very seldom does anyone read it. I know sometimes it does not show on my page, but even when I go and look on the blogger’s original post there are not very many or anyone who has gone to read it.

Do you read every re-blog that one you follow, posts? Do you find that you can’t ? Are you disappointed if people don’t read a post you re-blogged?

It’s something I’ve just wondered if any of you face or have a theory or reasoning on the subject.


27 thoughts on “Will I or Won’t I

  1. I have only reblogged once; most often I prefer to write about whatever and then link to that blog. One person I stopped following because she reblogged a lot of other content that I would never consider reading. I will still visit that site now and again, but skim over for original content, which I appreciate.

    I came here to see what your paintings are like and you are good! Of course, I like the subject matter of many… birds.

    And I am so thrilled to see you have the Orioles! We had plenty this year, but they have dispersed now. We may have only two or three pairs. We have that same nectar feeder, but they couldn’t figure it out, so I took the lid off. They really liked to eat from it that way when I put jelly in it.


    • It’s interesting what you say about the oriole feeder. I put the nectar inside and the jelly and orange on top .. They eat the orange and jelly but for the nectar I see them mostly at the hummingbird feeder.. I didn’t understand why… maybe the hole for them to drink from is not right for their beak? Diane


  2. I often skim through the article and if it is interesting (and I have time – sometimes the articles can get too long), I read it thoroughly. Often, I live a “like” just to let the re-blogger know that I’ve come by.


    • Yes didn’t you get my reply… ? I said that when I practiced and felt I could do justice to doing one bigger that I certainly would… I’ve practiced and on the post I did.. “not much to say’ I did another practice one using your colors …but it’s only a practice… have a look…. Diane


  3. I dont read a re blogged post if I read it before. But I can sometimes re-blogg a post which I edited to make it better or share from my other blog:)


  4. I get what you’re saying. I have the same dilemma. There are those blogs I simply must read and comment on. Some bloggers have become good friends and I feel an obligation to my friends and hope they feel the same about me.

    I don’t often re-blog. It has to be an extremely touching and/or important post that I feel deserves an additional audience. I often don’t read re-blogs because of the same reasons you state here. It may have been important to the person re-blogging, but did not seem so to me at that moment. Some blogs seem to do nothing but re-blog, and I am afraid I don’t subscribe to those, because I’m not getting to know just one individual.

    I try not to feel guilty about not reading every blog that shows up in my reader, but time is precious and we have precious little time. I am back up to subscribing to 75 blogs. I visit 10 of them often as I can, and then another 20 or so frequently, and then there are some I visit seldom, but enjoy when I read them. I try to at least visit each blog once a month. It can overwhelm you if you let it. I no longer let it. I visit my friends’ blogs at least weekly, and usually only visit those blogs that have recently visited me and with whom I have developed a relationship. That’s my system anyway, and it’s working pretty well.


    • Pretty similar to mine ….I used to feel guilty though about not reading every post of every person, but I’ve learned not to .. I read what I can…scan some to see if I feel it’s important to read that post… and go from there…. Diane


  5. I try not to reblog myself but lately as you probably know some have needed to be. I rarely read re-blogs for the same reasons, I have enough people to follow, I just can’t keep up.


  6. I am much like you. I will read the little blip and if it strikes me at the moment, I will check it out. Sometimes I am following the blog already and so have seen the post. If it is piece I want to share, I usually use Twitter or email.


  7. Good questions. I probably re-blog several times per month but want most of my posts not to be re-blogs as I believe most followers follow based on wanting to primarily see a blogger’s own creations. I attempt to read most of the posts of the blogs I follow, but I too follow many blogs and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do so while focusing on other important areas of my life.


    • That’s my feeling too; that those who follow me want to read what they ‘signed up for’ and not those of other bloggers… but I am tempted to re-blog a bit more than I do…. Diane


    • That’s a good thought Lou Ann and a good reason. When I think about doing it, I have been concerned that my readers may not relate to it as I do. But I guess if it’s something that really touches you (or anyone) we shouldn’t think about that… just do it and if they read they read and if not.. they won’t….Diane


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