Not Much to Say

Well, I think the computer drama is finally over. I am amazed though that with everything seeming to be connected right and email issue and all disappearing, I have had to run scans three times because the system was so slow. And each time I ran them a day apart, 3 threats, then 8 threats then 5 threats were found. If this continues I will ask for more intensive investigation.

We went to my one son’s place for a barbecue on Sunday; one son at his cottage and our daughter in Chicago of course. Today, I am pretty low on ideas for a blog, so I thought I would just post another couple of paintings I did. I only do this to share my hobby with you, my friends. One of them will look somewhat familiar as it is a second try doing it with somewhat different colors for a fellow blogger who wants me to paint it for her in a larger size. I told her I would have to  do a lot more practicing before attempting the size she would like. So this second one…the flowers is to show her my second ‘small’ attempt, re different colors. I may never feel confident enough to try a large one.

The second one is a butterfly in a different color than the last one which was purple, found here, because I’m going to give them to my great-granddaughter for her room…she likes pink and purple.


13 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. You’ve been doing way more art than me! Well, I haven’t done any actually so of course you beat me lol. But great stuff. Keep up your hobby! The paintings are really nice. X


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