Just a Quick Follow-Up and a Little Something


I won’t go into a lot of detail. I will only say that I spent most of yesterday clearing up the loose ends of our computer situation. First I spoke with Microsoft and he went to great lengths to explain what to do from his perspective. As it turned out he was in the U.S. and was not aware of the privacy laws of Canada so his solution was null and void.

So we went to the store we bought them from and one of the managers took a lot of time with us and told us to bring back the computers and he would fix everything basically on our ‘messed up” list. We did so and picked them up in the afternoon and for the most part with the exception of a couple of incidental things which I can live with, they seem to be ‘fixed’. Oh and he gave us a wireless printer for the trouble we’ve had; not an expensive one but a gesture none the less.   Do I hear a ‘Yayyyy”… Yes that’s me saying it. Thanks for listening to my rants and saga!

The other thing I’m including in this post are some pictures I painted in the last couple of weeks. They are not put on to brag or for anyone to think  that you need to say they’re good or anything. The only reason I’m putting them on is to show my new hobby. I’m no artist, only someone who wants to have fun. I’ve never done any painting before. Another reason I’m putting them on is because a special friend and blogger asked me to. She and some others I blog with are real artists… I’m a ‘wannabe’… Seriously just having fun with a new hobby. They’re only on 4×6″ canvasses, and I bought all the supplies at the dollar store just to try! So ‘A’ here they are….IMG_0747

IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0710 IMG_0702 IMG_0707 IMG_0742










31 thoughts on “Just a Quick Follow-Up and a Little Something

  1. Beautiful Diane, beautiful! I promise with all my heart that what I say about your art is totally truthful. Just how you came up with different ideas of what to paint is amazing. Seriously, it’s like an artists mind that is full of ideas and you manage to express them so well. And you ARE talented, you really are. I can’t do realistic paintings like this! I really enjoyed them, I really did. The butterfly is probably my favourite, probably because I have used a lot of butterflies in my artwork before too… I love the idea of what they come from and then what they become – Beautiful and free, free to fly off in the direction they choose, spreading their beautiful colours everywhere for everyone to see 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing these xx


    • I’m so glad you saw them.. the butterfly is my favourite too.. I’m going to do another one in pink and give them to my great granddaughter as she loves pink and purple… I actually did a post.. poem on butterflies a while back…. Thanks for ‘liking’ them Diane


  2. Diane those are lovely! You have great talent – thanks for sharing them with us. and yes, you go girl – be creative and paint to your hearts content!


  3. Your art work is fantastic! You are so talented!! Love, love, love them!! Always wished I could draw, just never could. Yayyyy!! For you. Glad the computer issues got fixed as well.


    • I can’t draw Deb… not in the truest sense.. What I’m trying to do is sketch with the paint and my mind’s eye ..so to speak. I don’t know if that makes sense or not…There is much to learn but I have been viewing YouTube tutorials… for pointers.. Anyway like I said it really is for my enjoyment of trying…. Hope you are doing okay… I know not really okay, but just enough for today…. Diane


  4. Diane…these are great..I’m so happy you shared..I think you know or maybe not how I feel about art and expression.. I’m so proud of you! The butterfly is my favorite 🙂 and yay! In the new printer. Glad you got the glitches ironed out and they recognized how you the customer were put out ..not they the business.. Keep painting especially if it brings you joy and keep sharing so we can be part of it. Please
    ♥ lizzie


  5. Diane I love the red flowers!!!!
    I want you to paint me a picture like that. Only Big! I don’t what size canvases come in but 29 x 31? A little smaller/larger. I’ll frame it
    Just a big one I can put above my king size bed and my Friend did it!!
    My bedroom is creams, muted golds and of course Red!
    Tell me what the canvass cost and the shipping cost is and I will reimburse
    We are both watching our pennies…
    Love you,


    • Cindy… Bless your heart. I don’t know if I could do it good enough to actually put in your bedroom… but I’ll tell you what. Let me practice a bit trying on a smaller scale and then I’ll see if I could actually do it for you… It’ll be fun trying anyway… Diane xoxo


  6. Diane seriously, you’re not a wanna be, you’re an artist. You sound like every other artist out there. These are good. Stop talking down about yourself. Be proud of your art! I’m glad you’re computer situation is looking up.


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