A Time To Rant and a Time to Be Still

Yesterday I wrote a post about the frustrations of recent, and challenges in technology regarding our recent purchase of two computers.. mine and my husband ‘W’s. I guess that it wasn’t so unusual to do, but I had some thoughts about it.

Almost immediately after writing it I realized that it may have served some purpose to rant and ‘get it all out’ so to speak, but did it really?

It occurred to me that I made a ‘molehill’ into a ‘mountain’. I gave this issue too much importance in my life. The thought came to me that if for some reason I lost all my data on my computer it was not the end of the world. It is frustrating and tiresome to go through all that I did… (or still am), but this information contained in my computer only came into being when I got it perhaps 6 years ago.. I don’t really remember right now how long I’ve had it. Six years are not a lifetime…. I’ve lived almost 69 years.

If I never retrieved that 6 years of data, it would not matter one iota. The only thing I might regret losing are my pictures stored there. But even those do not mean that my life was not full or that somehow I couldn’t exist without them. That thought was confirmed today when we went to Church and found one of the members had a fire rip through not only their home but their Bed and Breakfast and everything they owned….everything!

Does that mean they should give up and be destroyed by that fact? They certainly might feel like they are but they will go on…what other choice is there? Their lives were at risk and they barely escaped with smoke inhalation. In fact some had to be rescued by others before even the fire department got there.

My life will also go on whether or not our computers can totally be restored to what they were. I’ll likely do a blog when things get sorted out, but in the meantime I will look at the blessings in my life and I will try to remember what I just said, in the event life throws something else our way.

I will remember that in my 69 years I have a lifetime of memories, and I will give thanks to God for all that I have…… Diane



10 thoughts on “A Time To Rant and a Time to Be Still

  1. You are so right. We tend to get so wrapped up in minor issues they become major problems. I have done the same more times than I can count. One of the benefits of getting older–wisdom to know what’s really important. You’ve certainly gained a lot of wisdom in your 69 years! Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.


  2. My Hubby went and fought his first fire last night as a volunteer firefighter. People there lost most everything too,and I’m glad Hubby came home safely. Once he’s gone to a call, I have no idea what’s happening.


  3. I know what you mean. I find myself getting caught up in things of this nature and I have to laugh at myself for how seriously I’m taking it. Although I gotta say there isn’t much that’s more frustrating than futzing around trying to get computers and other electronics to do what we want them to do. I use Carbonite and I highly recommend it. It automatically saves everything on your computer. I find it definitely worth the money.


    • Is that program you buy? We do have an external hard drive which from time to time have used but because computer is new of course have not had time to do anything. We took them back this morning after a long conversation with MS … I’ll post about it… I tried downloading that Windows 7 and 8 running together with what you said..I think it was Vstart or something like that… but I aborted it before completing because I was getting pop ups about various things that unnerved me, I asked MS about doing this and they gave me a link, which of course because of all the issues I’m having …haven’t looked into it….. What a ‘schmozel’ it has been…. (new word) ha! The chap at the store thinks he’s got everything straight that needs to be done.. so here’s hoping… thanks Linda…. Diane


      • Schmozel!!! Ahahaha! That describes it perfectly Dianne. I sure hope you have your problems all fixed now! I’ll have to pop over to your blog and get the update. I’m only going on once a week now as I’m working on writing a book, so I’m a little behind the curve!


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