Any Day Now…….

I’m just doing a quick post to say that I am hoping any day now things will return to some semblance of normalcy.

This week has been one of the most technically challenging, frustrating, tiring and maddening I’ve ever had. Normally, I am … (I really am) a patient person but this week has kind of stretched my patience to the limit, and I think you’ll see why.

The fact that both computers were downloaded using the wrong email and put on both my husband’s computer and mine has caused so much confusion. As it turns out we did have to use both copies of the ‘Office’ program. Because my email that I use for blogging was used my husband’s data and mine have become intertwined and not only ‘Word’ and ‘Excel’ but some of the Windows 8 data, like ‘Favorites’… all mine got put on his computer. Some of my documents on his computer….His computer greets him with ‘Hello Diane’…..

I have spent literally hours and still more to go on Monday. The last technician I spoke with at Microsoft indicated that if we take the computers back to the store, download the Office on both, get a credit of some kind and re-download two new ‘Office’ programs on both computers that it will solve the issue.

Oh yes, and somewhere in all of this some Malware got on my computer and it took the repair team about 3 hours to fix that.

I still have to go through it all again though on Monday with someone, and am wondering about the other places on our computers that have been altered and how the information may still not be correct. I typed the whole issue out and was hoping that I could send it to them as an attachment but I asked the fellow today about doing that and it wasn’t possible. It is so complex to explain yet again.

Anyway, I have been seriously curtailed from my blogging because by the time I finish all the researching etc. my eyes can hardly focus, so I apologize (I know … I don’t need to)   for the lack of reading etc.

Maybe …. just maybe I will be back soon….. p.s. Sorry for ranting!   Diane



24 thoughts on “Any Day Now…….

  1. May your wandering in the tech wilderness soon be mostly behind you and may the gains you get from the new computers make it with all you’ve gone through.


  2. Good luck! I hope you’ll be able to get back online properly soon – But no pressure, no stress, I’m sure things will work out very soon! Take care x


    • It is Julie.. but I’ve got to just now take each thing and day as it comes and I’ve determined not to think it’s more than it is… a frustration that will be cleared up soon I hope. Diane


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