Cautiously Optimistic That I’m Almost Back !!!

Well, we finally do have our new computers. I got a new laptop, and my husband a desktop. It started off well in that the young fellow selling them was very nice and talked to us for a long time and explained quite a bit, but we knew we’d have challenges ahead. ‘W’ was going from an old 2006 computer with XP and I was going from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

When we went back the next day to take our computers in for them to take the information off and put the new data in we gave the computers and the paper indicating one laptop and one desktop and the ‘office’ program and the ‘quicken’ program for them to download as applicable. I only mention that because it was the beginning of a very stressful couple of days.

When we went to pick them up a young ‘geek’ (that’s what they called themselves), brought them out and looked somewhat perplexed. He said ‘oh you have two computers’… that brought a quizzical look from us. “Yes one laptop and one desktop”….. “Oh, we loaded all the data onto the desktop”… to which we said … as one might say.. “Why” … to which he replied.. “Well you didn’t specify to do some to the laptop and some to the desktop”…. to which we said the obvious ..”one laptop data to go to new laptop” and one desktop data  to go to new desktop”.  The exchange of words went on a bit, and we finally just said “okay how long to do it correctly”.. which ended up being an hour or so. Oh and they did put the Quicken on that my husband wanted and purchased as they said they couldn’t download the old version my husband had. And they did put the ‘Office’ on both computers again purchased with the plan we bought, but which were extra $119 each and we were told we had to get 2 because each one was only able to go on one computer ‘WRONG !’

To kind of shorten this I’ll just say that they made another couple of errors which had me on the phone yesterday and today for a total of about 5 hours and was told by Microsoft that we could have purchased just one and it was good to put on 6 computers.

There was so much more, but I think you get the picture and I am ‘wiped’. I already was and this has zapped any semblance of energy from me that I had.  I still have to learn a lot! Because there is no way I could catch up reading blogs, I’m going to start with tomorrow’s and I know you understand why.

Thought I’d share my less than satisfying experience, and I know it will all fade and things will once again settle down but boy at our age this kind of ordeal, is really so tiresome and draining.

Let’s see … to end on a positive note…. I do have a new shiny computer!!!!

20 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic That I’m Almost Back !!!

    • I am writing a very detailed letter to Best Buy….. and ending with ‘I would be hard pressed to recommend to any of my friends to got to your store…. at this moment”….. which is true… not vengeful but true… Diane


  1. Congratulations on your new computer 🙂

    I have to say, this kind of technical things always turn out to be more complicated and to take more time than initially said. I also did some technical changes and was told it is soooo easy. Well, it was not!

    Glad you are back! I hope everything will be perfect soon, and you will be able to enjoy your new computer 🙂


    • Thank you… yes there are so many new facets of this new program to learn… Once we get the real problems solved the gradual learning will happen. The most change is with the email programs and of course with blogging that is an important issue… Ahh well.. this too shall pass.. Diane


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