I’ll be MIA for a Day or Two or ?

Hi… tomorrow I’m taking this computer in for everything to be downloaded to my spanking new laptop computer.

So I’ll be off line until this is done. And then it’ll be fun to try and learn the new one. Hopefully, the basics will not be too hard….at least to find my blog again..

Let’s hope nothing unexpected happens!

It’ll be a challenge for my ‘little gray cells’ to learn Windows 8 when I’ve had Windows 7 for so long…..

See you whenever……  Diane

p.s. I may go into ‘withdrawal’ …….





26 thoughts on “I’ll be MIA for a Day or Two or ?

  1. Hehe, you just may go on withdrawal from Windows 7 lol – Maybe your doctor can send you to technology therapy for your withdrawal issues!!?

    Enjoy! I want Windows 8 too but can’t afford it for now.

    Have fun with your new laptop and looking forward to you being back 😉 xx


      • You sure are brave!! I do actually mean it. There are people like my dad that just gets freaked out about new technology so tries to stay away from it! X


    • Thank you… I only wish they had some manuals …they don’t even put one online.. I have to call the support line if I run into difficulty….. but I guess once I get onto it I’ll learn at least enough to get by… Diane


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