DP Challenge – Dust in the Wind

Prompt: Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

When the movie and idea came about to make a ‘bucket list’, I thought it interesting and so I did so. In reality I realized this was just a ‘wish list’ and the probability for example of being able to go to Europe was unrealistic. It’s a nice idea but only that.

However, I really only have one pressing thing that I would like to see happen before I become ‘dust in the wind’….

…. I want to see our family as a unit of love and understanding… of tolerance for our differences and our human frailties. That we could communicate our hurts, our fears our anger and frustration with each other and life itself, would be to me something that would soothe my very soul. Remembering when we were all of that, is what is so hard to accept how it is now.

The realization that because of some past disagreements and hurt we cannot even be all together at a function…. never have a picture of all of us together. While there has been contact with the family member that has disassociated for a time with myself and my husband;  there remains the issue that they do not ever want to include another one in their life. Attempts have been made to try to reconcile and ask for forgiveness but to this point, to no avail.

My heart aches, and I wait…… with much prayer.


16 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Dust in the Wind

  1. A difficult wish this Diane but I understand your standpoint and for your sake I hope that some day your prayers will be answered-I believe closure is indeed needed for certain issues or they haunt us forever,love.


  2. Oh how I wait and pray for you too.

    My mums side of the family also disappeared when my mum did when I was 15. Now I’m 29 years old and both my grandparents on that side have since passed and I never spoke with them again. It’s sad.

    There were many years where we had no contact with our grandfather on my dad’s side.

    I hate to think the regrets we can all have when it really comes down to it. To miss out on years of potential family togetherness. Somehow managing to be together and like you say, to accept differences and all the rest of it. They may seem like big issues now but when it comes down to it, family are family and that’s the most important part of most peoples lives.

    I so hope that something can change within your family so that you can all be together.

    Much love xx


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