May Spring Bring Forth………

May this Spring bring forth flowers of many colors, shapes and sizes…. may it bring forth blossoms on our lilac and forsythia bushes. May it bring forth lush green grass and leaves of every kind. May it bring forth birds to sing in the garden, and to build nests in our trees and then to eat a bite or two at our feeders in our yard.

May the hummingbird and the orioles come to their special feeder with goodies of jelly, nectar and fruit.

May the sun shine brilliantly as we tend to the garden. May we have friends and family to share the spring and warmth of the summer and then to have a barbecue of various goodies cooked to perfection.

May this Spring bring forth the promise of good health to enjoy every day, and laughter, joy and silly times. May there be a healing wherever there is a need,  of emotions and relationships.

May each and every hour of each day be savored so that when the winter comes again as it will, there will be memories to warm our hearts and perhaps some pictures to remind us that Spring will always come….. it may be late like it is this year….but it will come and we will realize just how wonderfully blessed we are.

Happy Easter everyone….  Diane

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