Easter and Christmas Joy or ‘Not’

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This post is one where I’m speaking of a personal observation and experience. While Christmas and Easter are two of the most important Christian days of celebration and supposed Joy, sometimes they bring the opposite.

I’m not speaking of times suffered perhaps in depression where holidays bring about sadness for various reasons, as it is very hard to be around people who are happy. It drives home to one… how ‘unhappy’ they are!

What I’m referring to is something that has happened to me… or observed happening to me for the past two years. It maybe was before that time but not taken notice of.

As a Christian, I believe that there are heavenly spirits or ‘angels of light’ to use a term to describe them. Sometimes these angels take the form of humans, and that’s where the phrase comes from that one should treat every person they meet with kindness as you never know if you have ‘entertained’ or been in the presence of an angel.

Just as I believe in the ‘angels of light’, I do believe also in the ‘angels’… although I hesitate to use that word…but Satan according to the Bible was cast out of heaven along with some messengers…. or angels’ of darkness. And it is my personal belief that just as angels seek to promote goodness and the love of God, these ‘powers of darkness’ seek to do the opposite, and that is to promote ‘unrest, ill will and hate’.  Ephesians 6:12 …”we fight not against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness”

I am going to recount an incident many years ago, when I was in one of my times of depression and vulnerability, and was awakened one night unexpectedly and when I did I felt such an oppression and that turned into ‘fear’ because I felt the presence of evil in that bedroom and around me. It lasted for several minutes, and I believed that the only weapon I had, was the Bible and so I got it from my nightstand and began to read it and pray. Within a very few minutes I felt relief.

I realize by recounting that story that many will say that it was the depression that caused perhaps a hallucination or it was a bad dream. I won’t spend time defending what I felt because I only know that to me it was real. I will also say right now that there are many who know the Bible and about spiritual things far more than I…. these thoughts are  only my personal opinion and thoughts and experiences. They are not meant as a theological explanation!

Again, my personal observation that the two Holiest days of a Christian, Christmas and Easter are times when this ‘darkness’ tries very hard to destroy the joy that is relevant and evident at these times….Jesus’ birth and His resurrection.

This past week I just realized on one specific day that I was unusually irritable to the point that I was jolted to ask myself ‘why’… why did my feeling of contentment and happiness all of a sudden ‘crash’. When I say crash, I mean I had an outburst that surprised and confused me to the core. And then it was almost an immediate revelation that it had happened to me last year at the same time…. Easter Holy Week.

Some of you will think me to be at the very least somewhat dramatic or even silly, and some of you will think even that I am being an extremist or some of you might use the word ‘crazy’! I am just putting into words something that has been very real to me.

So, what am I going to do based on this for lack of another word… ‘revelation’… I’m going to celebrate tonight with our Church a replication of the last supper..  the Seder, I’m going to remember tomorrow, Good Friday ..called that because if Jesus hadn’t been crucified we would not be able to have a relationship with God before and after our death….. and attend church to acknowledge his suffering on that cross, for US!    AND

…………most especially I will attend services on Easter Day and celebrate with joy Christ’s resurrection and His defeat of death, giving us hope of new birth in Him!

If Christ was not defeated, neither will I be, at Easter or at Christmas!!!!

11 thoughts on “Easter and Christmas Joy or ‘Not’

    • Thanks Lori… after I posted this I thought…everyone’s going to think I am weird… but it’s funny when you think you’re supposed to post something ‘unusual’… you really do put yourself out there…. Diane


  1. I know exactly what your talking about, also known as “spiritual warfare” every now and again this happens to me as well. I know also there is a big difference in depression and warfare. Glad to hear you nipped it in the bud! Have a nice time at your celebration.


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