Wistful Thoughts and Reflective Moments

I guess I have two sides to my personality; the one that is content with life, and goes about the tasks of each day doing the necessary things.

Then there is the emotional, wistful part of me who while content in general, has feelings deep inside about issues which I sometimes have no control over, and for which in the quietness of the day or evening these reflective moments come. During the busyness of each day, these feelings are pushed to the recesses of my mind, only to resurface each day.

I feel that I should keep these thoughts to myself most times, although I do on occasion share how I’m feeling. This can be anything from wondering if we’re ever going to feel well, to wondering if we should move again, or to our family and the various issues facing them and us.  Our children of course are adults as are our grandchildren for the most part. Two of them are teens but the others are in their twenties or thirties. Our influence in our children’s lives was done during the years of raising them, but now we can only look on and while we would sometimes like to see them with more of an emphasis on the spiritual side of life, we can only pray. They are so busy ‘living life’ …. work and then the social aspects.  I’m not saying that they don’t think about God, but He is kind of on a shelf right now, to be taken down when there is a specific need.

Did we act somewhat the same way when we were younger? Yes of course we did, but we were perhaps more aware of  the realities of life earlier than seems to be the case with this generation.

Why do we have to be older before we think less of the sometimes superficial things of living and concentrating on ‘things’, instead of what is perhaps most important…. our spiritual being. I’m not suggesting for a moment that we don’t have fun or be interested in other things… just to have our priorities in the right order. There is a reason we are in this world; a purpose for each of us but so often we don’t really think of that during those very busy years.

The one blessing we have in this, is that God is very patient with us …….He watches, I’m sure shakes His head at some of what we do, but He waits until that time when we finally acknowledge Him, and then He smiles !!!

21 thoughts on “Wistful Thoughts and Reflective Moments

  1. All so true. You know I read somewhere about aging being a privilege rather than a curse, and wisdom being the gift of it And it makes sense to me and I thought of that while reading this.. hope you are doing well .


    • Hi Lizzie… You’ve been off the radar lately… I hope you are okay..and maybe just ‘busy’… I’m still struggling somewhat trying to get tests etc to get to the bottom of an issue that causes me to still be sleeping in a recliner…Soooo tired as not good sleep…. but having said that I’m surviving…
      Hope to see you soon with some of your own words of wisdom that you usually can share…. take care and ‘Happy Easter’… Diane xoxo


  2. In our youth we are usually superman..not even kryptonite can stop us! Bad things and serious illness happens to the other people, not us! God is there, but we do keep him on a shelf and only talk to him when he is needed in an emergency. Then we age. And God becomes more and more real and much closer to us. Thanks for your thoughts. As always..amazing!!


    • I’m not sure at what point or age that we start thinking differently…. but I am hoping for sometime in the not too distant future… what verse in the Bible is it that has … “there is more to life than striving after the wind’ or similar.. maybe Ecclesiastes??? Diane


      • I would have to look that one up. Not a bible scholar here. I used to pray that M would find Jesus and that God would do whatever it took to get his attention and make him accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour. When M started getting ill he turned to The Lord and was baptized. Shortly after his health took a real dive. Each time he gets sick I feel it is my fault. I prayed for God to do whatever it took. Was this it? Is his many illnesses the result of my prayers?


        • I replied on my cell phone but it doesn’t show.. so it may show up twice… Anyway
          You did not bring about ‘M”s illness for the simple reason that God does not will or want us to be sick… but for various reasons illnesses come to mankind…. so if God does not want us sick you could not have caused it…. But when illness comes God can use it for His purpose.. You prayed for M to come to know Christ so God answered your prayer in His way…. Hope I’ve explained what it is I’m trying to say…. Rest easy Deb… Love Diane xoxo


  3. I have been reflecting along similar lines lately. So many things get pushed to the back burner awaiting some future date. Many seem caught up in the doing and obtaining and just living in the now. I’ll relax or take time for myself when I retire or am more set. If I can just get through x, y, z……
    Why can’t we push what is truly important to the front now?
    Thanks for the post 8)


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