Twenty-Six Years Ago

Twenty-six years ago today Heaven opened it’s gates to my Mother.  She was a woman who gave so much to her 10 children, and to her over 50 grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and her great-great grandchildren.

She didn’t know the meaning of  ‘to give up’.  She never did give up on any of us, no matter the circumstances.

She was solely responsible for raising us, because my father relinquished the duties of being a father. I suppose he should receive some credit for helping financially the family, although even that was sometimes neglected. I don’t want to make this about him however and his failings, but instead about my mother.

She was 16 when she gave birth to my oldest sister, H and during the next 25 years had 9 more, me being the last. During that time she had also had 2 other children that died immediately after birth.

Since my father was no longer in the home when I was born, it was my mother who I looked to for all my needs as I grew up. I observed and learned from this woman of God. Her strength, perseverance, patience, kindness, love and character. I think most of all her selflessness and always putting and thinking of others’ needs above her own. She was always available to any of us when we were in need, whether we were 5 years old or 35 years old. When any of us had our babies she was there to offer help in any way that was needed.

She had to work at two jobs for many years when we were younger. One job in an office during the day, and then often going to her second job as a coat checker at a major hotel in the city we lived in. One night when she came home, likely around 1 or 2 am in the morning she found my brother’s and my two goldfish floating in the small fishbowl they were in. She realized that they were important to us, and proceeded to change the water and then stir it until the fish were revived. Then and only then did she go to bed, to be up at 6 am the next morning for work. This likely seems so silly to many, but my brother and I didn’t think so. Those two little fish lived for over 10 years, and were the only ‘pets’ we had.

She struggled financially as even with two jobs, it was difficult and women didn’t make as much as men did. One time when I came home for lunch one day, I noticed all of our furniture and belongings on the front lawn, even our fish. The landlord had bailiffs enter the home and just put everything outside. I won’t go into it all, but my mother had to find a place to live, which she did that very day.

That’s just a glimpse into the ‘lady’ who was my mother. There is so much more but today I  am remembering her and wanted to recognize what an important person she was to me and to so many others.

When it’s my time, I will be reunited with her as I know where she is…. ‘with God’.




34 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Years Ago

  1. It must be wonderful to look back Diane and remember a very caring Mum who was always there for you and also now to have a very caring husband too.

    I remember great loneliness in my life with not having anyone to share with, many hours spent alone, I think that is why I talk a lot now when I share with someone who listens and cares. When I was a child for a long time it was Jesus, He was my best Friend, I talked to Him all the time, when I was told by my Mother and Teacher that He did not exist it broke my heart but He remained Faithful as you can see today.

    When did Jesus become your best Friend Diane?

    Christian Love Always – Anne


    • It is very sad that you had such a negative view given to you of Jesus when you were younger… but thanks to God, He had His hand on you and you learned of His abiding love.
      While I can remember always knowing about Jesus, and singing songs in Sunday School and learning prayers, I don’t actually remember a certain ‘time frame’ of when He became my friend. I believe that you already read some of my ‘testimony of faith’ … I notice however that when I replied to you, I didn’t do it right and so you wouldn’t have received my reply…. Although it was not long…. If you want to have another peak… it’s at

      Thanks for reading Anne and for your friendship and know that I do care… Diane


  2. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I appreciate your honoring her through this posting. It is a good example for all of us on the need to honor our parents as we should. Lord bless you!


  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful. What an amazing woman she was. Such a strong figure to look up to.

    It is nice to know that please G-d, we will all be reunited in heaven with our loved ones. X


  4. Thank you for sharing about your mom Diane she was a good woman I am glad you had her. I am however sorry she had to struggle, I can’t help it but I got a bit angry with the landlord of the place that put her stuff in the front yard knowing she was trying. Shame on him! Anyway glad she was who she was and got a place the some day. I would love to hear the story if you ever WANTED to share. Bye for now.


    • Shelley.. of course I would share with you… I was about 10years old and walking home from school with a friend and when I got close to where I could see something my friend said something like… ‘it looks like someone is moving’… I got a bit queasy as it looked like in front of my house.. Fortunately my friend turned up another block and I continues home. I found of course it was our house and everything was outside on our front lawn …I didn’t know what to do and fortunately a friend of my Mom’s drove by and saw me…I suppose I was crying at the time too…They phoned my Mom at work and she came home right away and proceeded to try and find a place to live. Her friend helped by giving her enough money to pay what she needed to and we moved into an apt. that night. The sad thing was that the landlord was a professed Christian lady… Instead of talking to my Mom she arranged for ‘bailiffs’… (not really allowed now to do what she did) to enter our home and just toss everything out. She did not really have the charity and love of Christ when she did this. I don’t think she thought we were good enough Christians …she used to always be spying on us as she lived next door….and made comments sometimes… Anyway… it was very embarrassing for me and my brother. But Mom always looked after us so we were okay… Diane


      • Thank you for sharing. I am still a bit angry at the “Christian” lady but realize since she was being the way she was it was most likely do to problems of her own. Anyway I am glad your mom came out on top and had a great friend to help her find a place for you all to live!!


  5. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother.. she sounds like such a loving, warm and hard working role-model for us all! That’s amazing to do so much with 10 children and all on her own! xx


  6. Gosh that is so beautiful she sounds amazing and thank you for sharing a little glimpse into her life with us. Ten children wow that is so many. You must have a big wonderful support network now? Xx


  7. This is so beautiful Diane. Your mum leaps off the page. She was truly a wonderful woman. I know it never gets easier, my condolences to you.I can relate just a bit, as my mum worked two jobs as well to take care of us. Its difficult to watch but the resilience is amazing. Thank you for sharing


  8. How beautiful. Moms like yours are a treasure. Im so thrilled you shared her with us. Thank you!
    And now you are the treasure to your own children. What a legacy!


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